Day 10 – Views, Vistas and Visits


View as we left Hanalei, from the Hanalei Overlook

Up at 5 a.m. off at 6 a.m. hitting the Nu’alolo trail at 8:15 a.m.

We were headed out to the Nu’alolo Lola Vista Point.  You head down for 3.8 miles, which means you climb up and out 3.8 miles.  We had a great time and I will let the pictures tell you the tale of the trail.

Field of Kahili Ginger
Koa leaves strewn on the forest floor
the red dirt trail
Ocean is out to the left
we are going way out there
first look down into the valley
Yup I agree with that sign
It's not scary yet...
we walk along the cliff to the point, scary now
looking down into the valley
that red dirt is not trail but a drop off
there are goats down there
Napali Coast
Nu'alolo Valley

end of trail

Remember how I said we went down, well time to turn around and go up and out.  It was harder and slower than going in.

up we go
Come on don't stop, must go

We were on this trail for 4 hours 18 minutes with 45 minutes of rest time.  Some of that time was me holding back tears at the sheer beauty of this area, listening to the goats and watching a deer bound across our path.  I’m thankful both Mike and I are in excellent cardio shape, because if were weren’t, you might be reading about a rescue in The Garden Island News tomorrow.

Afterwards we had a picnic lunch at Kokee State Park. Then we started the drive down the canyon. We only stopped at one roadside overlook to view the canyon. This one does happen to be our favorite.

Waimea Canyon roadside

After our descent we made a detour to reward ourselves with Jojo’s Shave Ice, the real Jojos, not the original.  It was the best shave ice we have ever had.  The syrup on the ice is made from natural ingredients, of course they do add a coloring to it.  This ice was not sugary sweet and can you guess which flavor we had?  Lilikoi of course!!

I'm happy with my lilikoi shave ice

We walked down to Waimea pier to finish it off.  Different beaches than the ones we are used to on the North Shore.

Waimea Pier
Waimea Pier Beach

Our next stop was to visit our hiking friend Eric and met his family.  I am not a baby person, but today I met Eric’s daughter and I had the best time holding her. I think I’m just a one baby kind of person.  It was great to met his wife, who I’ve known virtually.  Of course, we didn’t take any photos and we realized we missed out on a great opportunity.  We had a blast just hanging out with Eric and talking story.

We had one more stop to make before heading home, Kauai Coffee.  We just ran into the retail store and grabbed a few bags for us, friends and family.

a few bags of kauai coffee

We arrived home after 5 p.m. so it was shower time, cocktail hour and dinner in that order.  After dinner, it was Mother Nature’s show time and let me tell you she put on a fabulous show tonight.  Enjoy…

show stopper number 1
show stopper #2
Finale Ta Da

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