Day 9 – Run, Walk and Sun

I started my day with a run. Ran to Limahuli Gardens and back, about 2.7 miles.  It is a great little run for the rolling hills, tight curves and most importantly the sights.

My first favorite view
A bird to cheer me on
Can you believe this view?
ahhh the views

Mike had breakfast of fresh fruit, coffee and greek yogurt waiting for me after the run. So welcomed.

We were rather undecided about our plans, so after much debating we decided a good cool down for me would be for us to walk to Limahuli Gardens and do the self guided tour (and you thought I took those pictures as I was running?).

Off to Limahuli we trudged.  This is another of the National Tropical Botanical Garden properties.  I find this a very spiritual place.  I love to meander the gardens staring at the majestic cliffs and gazing out on the ocean.  The garden gives out an informative booklet, not only does it include plant information but it has legends about the mountains that surround you.

Ancient Hawaiian Taro Terraces

The rock perched up is named Pohaku-o-Kane, when he falls Kauai will be lost to a Tsunami

After our walk back, we lunched and rested. Then it was time for our Tuesday ritual of going to Waipa Farmer’s Market in Hanalei.  We stocked up again on fresh fruit and veggies. For us half the fun is people watching.  Mike’s favorite comment he overhead was “We are at a farmer’s market and it’s raining, this awesome.”  A couple who appreciates what this island has to offer.

We also picked up our tickets for this weekend’s Ocean Film Fest, a fun event for us.

Once the market errand was completed and unpacked, we slathered on the sunscreen and hit the beach for late afternoon sun or rather rain/sun showers.  It was a game of sit in full sun, run to the shade when the downpours came, run to sun, run to shade, felt like I was doing a Crossfit sprint for time.

After dinner you know what comes next…the nightly sunset viewing. But it didn’t happen.  Clouds and rain showers have us secluded here at the house.  That’s ok because tomorrow is an early day for us, doing the 2 or 2.5 hour drive to Waimea Canyon to do a hike in there.  Haven’t decided which one yet…should be another fun day on the island.

Well after I hit publish, the night sky lit up here at the house, such sky I’ve not seen before…enjoy the colors.

After sunset glow

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