Day 11 – A Simple Day

We slept in today, after yesterday’s hike we needed it.  We drove to Cannon’s Beach for an early morning beach-combing expedition and really to get our muscles moving again.

Entrance to Cannons

Last year this was a great beach to shell on, not so much this year.

I'm looking....

This is all I came up with.

Not much in terms of good shells

While I was off shelling, Mike was working on artsy photos.

blown sand

Unfortunately as we left the beach,  we discovered a dead Newell’s Shearwater Bird. It was disheartening to see this threatened species dead.

Dead Newell's Shearwater

After we trudged home, we ate breakfast and hit Hanalei Center and Princeville for some shopping. We did stop at Hanalei Dolphin market for poke, a sushi roll and tonight’s fish for dinner opah.

After lunch, we went to Hanalei Bay to watch our friend, Eric , in a photo shoot for Columbia Sportswear.  While we wanted for the fun to begin, we snapped a few pictures of the pier and surroundings.

Used in the photo shoot later

Eric warmed up on his fabulous new board from Boga,

Mike and Eric chatting
Eric out paddling

While this was going on, I just tried to blend into the scene.

I'm trying to blend in

After Eric’s warm up it was time for him to go into wardrobe. He is modeling the spring 2012 line.  Remember he is modeling, this is not his choice of wardrobe.

Eric in wardrobe
Eric comes in

We didn’t stick around for the actual shoot, as we know it could be an all day affair.  It was fun to be there and watch the start of his new career, adventure sport clothes model.

We created an amazing dinner of grilled vegetables from the farmer’s market (zukes, onion, tomatoes, garlic), placed it on a bed of arugula and then topped it marinated lilikoi grilled opah, can you say mouth-watering heaven?


And you guessed it, we followed everything up with the sunset.


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