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Wiliwilinui Trail(Oahu), or We aren’t hiking in the whites are we?

Hikergal and hubby are hiking in Oahu for a bit.  Needed a little change of pace from the hills of Connecticut and the mountains of New Hampshire.  Hiking here is different and yet the same.  The White Mountains have taught us well, to come prepared, carry full backpacks.  Of course that generates people staring at…


A trail with two different points of view, Sugarloaf Mountain – June 29

Here is Mike’s version: Went up a very long, steep hill.  Saw fog. Came down same very long steep hill. Had mud and bugs. I was the  grumpy hiking partner . One of those  hikes that didn’t do anything for me. Ann’s version: We thought the clouds/fog would lift off of Sugarloaf Mountain.  We kept…