Swarmed – Victor Head Cliff (June 8, 2013)

victor head cliff 027

A bit of a cloudy day on Saturday, but if it isn’t going to downpour on us, might as well get out and hike.  Mike quickly looked through our new favorite hiking book, 50 Hikes North of the White Mountains by Kim Nilsen.  He found trip 18, Victor Head Cliff.

Who knew our constant hiking companions today would be swarms of mosquitoes?  Maybe we should have figured it out, rainy, muddy trail, streams does equal a fair amount of mosquitoes.  Good thing we put on lots of our hiking cologne, DEET.

Off we went to the Nash Steam Forst Area.  We parked at Christine Lake. We looked up at Victor Head Cliff.


We entered the woods a little way from here.  Had to pass by two gates.



We ambled along a wide path.  The sides were dotted with white lady slippers.

victor head cliff 082

victor head cliff 072

victor head cliff 079

At times we were walking in boot sucking mud.  It was easier to go through, than try to find a way around.

victor head cliff 074

We passed an old junkie truck and then crossed a bridge, that had raging waterfalls.



victor head cliff 068

victor head cliff 065

Shortly after this we hit the Cohos Trail.  We love it when we can hike a piece of the Cohos Trail, all of  the Cohos Trails,  we’ve been on, have been exceptional.

victor head cliff 012


We walked for 1/2 mile on the CT, then  we made a turn onto the Victor Head Cliff trail.  OH MY, what a beautiful trail to follow to the top.


victor head cliff 056

victor head cliff 055

victor head cliff 054

victor head cliff 052

victor head cliff 024

victor head cliff 021

At the top of the cliff, our views were somewhat limited due to the cloud cover.  We decided we didn’t mind because; one we had a brief break from the onslaught of mosquitoes  and two we fell in love with this section of the trail so we want to do it again.



victor head cliff 031


victor head cliff 038

Time to head down.  Oh my…the mosquitoes were on full attack mode.  We couldn’t stop to take pictures because if we did, I wouldn’t be writing this.  We would be dead on the trail having all the blood sucked out of us.

We really had a great little hike, minus the biting blood sucking insects.  Ok, the upside to them, I increased my hiking speed to 2.7 mph on this hike.

victor head

The Details:  Almost 5 miles out and back.  Park at Christine Lake  in Stark.  Follow the directions in 50 Hikes North of the White Mountains Around two hours total time.

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