Oahu Day 1

Hawaiian Airlines 2nd flight from Boston to Honolulu

Our day started with the standard bad hotel coffee with a variety of breakfast snacks in the hotel room. We made our way over to the international terminal of Logan Airport because this flight doesn’t have a true home yet at Logan, luckily JetBlue is sharing some of their space with them.

Once boarding started it went rather quickly and we took off close to time.

Take off over Boston

For a little over eleven and half hours non stop, the flight went by fast. There was a medical emergency on board with a passenger, but the crew handled it with privacy and professionalism. The food service was decent first starting with a little light breakfast served in a cute bag.

We flew over Maui, Molokai and Lanai. The Kona winds brought us in over Diamond Head and Waikiki Beach, a first for us.

Upon landing, we headed off to get our car rental. Unfortunately the class of car we booked was out and would require at least a 45 minute wait, so we went with what they gave us, a jeep wrangler. Guess what? We are old and getting in and out of that thing is a pain, so on Sunday we are going in for an exchange.

Our next stop was, tough to guess this one, Honolulu Beerworks for a beer and some food. Always one of favorite places to stop for nourishment.

Not the best photo, but I was in a fog of travel brain!

We finished up and had one last stop, grocery store. As usual our brains were overtired and we didn’t get much.

We located our rental, which of course wasn’t our original rental because the owner of original rental flaked on us and left us scrambling two weeks ago to find a new place. We unpacked, changed and headed off to the sunset. Saturday night and the beach was hopping. My “ghost ship” blocked the view of the setting sun last night, which was very inconsiderate. If it does it on Sunday night, I see a pattern and we are going to have to find a new spot to view the sunset.

The first day has ended, writing this on Sunday, still in a fog which I hope will clear by tomorrow. All in all a direct flight from Boston was better than we expected and will fly the route again!


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