Hello 2019 – Day 11

Today was travel day.  Time to return to noise, chatter, heated houses, flannel sheets and no views of the rising sun from our house.  So I relished  the morning’s sunrise.

Ernest was bringing us to the airport arrived a bit earlier than we expected, so I didn’t get one last photo of the beach. We had a great conversation on the way to the airport about the island, life on it, and fitting in here.

We had a wait at the airport, which seemed to be the theme of the day.  While at the airport there was a person cutting the bushes, shaping them, however removing the flowers in the process, so I snapped a few photos of flowers before they were hacked off.


Southern Air chartered Flamingo Air to fly us over to Nassau, a small 9 seater.  We waved to our friends on Staniel Cay as we flew over.

Landing in Nassau, we breezed through Global Entry and had some lunch before waiting for our next plane.  That plane was delayed arriving.  Once it arrived, we boarded.  While sitting there an auxiliary unit had to be attached to the plane. I noticed the hose connecting it was very frayed.  Next thing we heard was a popping sound and white threads flying all over the place.  Yup the hose blew.  The plane was hot, we spent about 20 minutes of the pilot going back and forth, we are getting off the plane, no wait they found backup stay on plane, oh wait this will take forever and we deplaned.  We sat around for another hour, till we boarded again.  As we started to get on the runway, the pilot turned back towards the terminal, oh please noooooo….phew false alarm, he returned to the runway and off we went.

We had a connection to make in DC, lucky for us that plane was delayed also. If it had not been delayed, we would have missed it.  We landed in DC and 20 minutes later boarded our flight home.

We made it home in time to fall asleep for the night. What a long day, but the trip was well worth it.

Happy 2019 everyone!


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