Day 8 – Always good to say when we come back…

It is our last full day here on island.  The time flew by perhaps because we were so busy and didn’t give ourselves a lot of down time to just sit on the porch and read. We repeatedly said when we come back we will do this and that. However this time we added well maybe we might spend a day sitting and reading next time, that was new to our sayings on the island.

We began with our last coffee at Dean’s.  We’ve really come to enjoy sipping our first cup at Dean’s in the morning.


After Dean’s we went to the Souse Out  put on by the Ladies of the Friendship Center to grab some souse for dinner.  We picked up a mutton and chicken one.

We had to swing by the cottage to drop off the food and plan the day. While at the cottage we had a baby goat visitor, he stopped by, drank some water, cried a little and wandered home.

We mapped out our route, starting at  Hardings Beach in Salt Pond to hike around and see the amphitheater of the sea. It was a great area to explore.

We returned to the highway and  cruised our way down to Millerton School Beach. We had a quarter-mile hike in to get the beach. The trail was lined with cactus and bromeliads. We ate our lunch here, dodging the sand bees that were flying all over.

Today’s adventures had tuckered us out, so we headed back to go for one last dip in at Dean’s Blue Hole.  On our way back, we decided to follow the signs for J’annte Straw Creations.  I am so happy we did, her work was extraordinary. Her plait work was beautiful, even standing around a dead hog in the shed while looking at her work didn’t faze us.  I picked up a clutch, which I will never use as a clutch and two placemats.

We made it to Dean’s mid afternoon and the place was packed. We had about 15 people there, the most we have even seen on any Long Island Beach.  The current was very strong so we only waded out a bit and didn’t collect any sand dollars.

We didn’t stay long, headed home and started the painful task of packing. I had 17 sand dollars to take home, however we couldn’t fit all of them in a container, so I had to choose five to stay behind, that was a woeful task.


Our vacation has ended, tomorrow we head home to cold (why hasn’t spring stuck in New England?) but I will carry in my heart all the amazing memories we created and know there are more to create when we return.


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