Day 7 – Take That Road

Today was slow, today was about taking roads we haven’t traveled before, today was just about meandering about, today was finding the unexpected.

We woke to the sun rising, a big bright orange globe ascending up, ducking behind clouds.


We made our coffee and just wandered over to the beach road to the beach that is left of our rental to enjoy our coffee. While there Mike spied a chair perched on the cliff and decided his coffee would be tastier if he sat there.


After enjoying our first cup here, we returned to the cottage to have ricotta pancakes topped with locally made guava jam.


We figured out our morning plan was  to take two roads to new places, we haven’t explored.  We made our standard peanut butter and guava sandwiches, packed our snorkeling gear and hit the road. First stop was Whymms Tropic of Cancer Beach.  This was just a quick stop, get out look at the beach, return to the car.

Up south we traveled on  the Queen’s highway to explore Grays Landing.  Our hope was we could snorkel out to the Blue Hole, however the current appeared strong and the water wasn’t as clear as we would have liked it.  It was a desolate area.

On our way back towards the cottage we noticed JC straw works was open, in we stopped.  I purchased  a small straw change purse.

We were starting to get hungry for our sandwiches so we popped over to Turnbull Beach to sit in the shade of the gazebos by the water and cemetery. Perfect place to lunch.

After lunch, we returned to the highway  to go down roads we haven’t explored on the south end of the island.  We read about more plantation ruins.  We found the road, but sadly the ruins were gated off and there was no path around to explore. We left and went down another road to a beautiful view of the Atlantic side, where our Christmas view will be.

The arrow in this photo is aimed at the gazebos we will have access to. I think next December’s blog installments will be pretty boring, we won’t be exploring as much because our behinds will be parked there.


Our next adventure had us searching for Miley’s cave, down another road we hadn’t explored yet. We found it, but didn’t bring flashlights to really investigate, plus the cave was full of wasps and bees.  We didn’t want to get stung here on this island, medical help is limited so we were very cautious.

It was a little hot, our next plan was to  head over to Lochabar beach for a dip. However a road we hadn’t explored came up first, across from Department of Health Services. Down the road we went to explore. It appeared as if at some point this might have a been a planned development, paved roads, some lot lines we could see but I’m sure the hurricanes destroyed someone’s dreams of developing this area. We ended up across from Lochabar beach, on the other side of Clem’s Blue Hole.

Our exploration of roads taken to new places today, tired us out. We decided to skip Lochabar and head over to Dean’s for a float.  While floating there Mike found me another sand dollar and he discovered a beautiful orange starfish (that we released).

Today was about taking the roads we haven’t explored yet.  The beauty of this island is found in taking a road to a beach and discovering something unexpected and breathtaking.  Could we have planned a day like this? No way, it just happened all because we took that road…


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