Not the best title, because we do explore everyday it seems. However today we even explored below ground.

We started off  the morning with a stroll and a hearty breakfast before heading off to the farmer’s market for some straw goods.

After the farmer’s market we decided to do some cave exploration, right in Salt Pond. We parked at Hillside Market and walked south to the path by Seaside Auto. We took the path down to the cave.

We grabbed the rope and in we went.  We didn’t explore to far, but it was enough for us.  Ok I was freaked  when I heard the bats and they started flying.  I called it done for me at that point.  We brought a headlamp and a flashlight, plus wore hats and closed toe shoes.

After our adventures in caving, we headed back to the cottage to pack up for the next part of the day’s adventuring, new to us beaches.  We did have one stop though, to meet the caretaker of the cottage we rent.  She owns a really cute 4 unit guest quarters a bit down the road.  Something to consider for rental if we return on an April break.

We headed up south again and our first beach today was in Morrisville. As we drove in you could see offshoots of roads that at one point someone had planned to build houses.  There was a wreck offshore that the ospreys converted into their home. It was a beautiful beach and if it was just a bit calmer we would have snorkeled here.

Our next beach was Cabbage Point.  At one time this was going to be a big resort, it appears.  You could see the beginnings of a wall, guard houses and roadways in.  Two locals were out fishing and this was the perfect shelling beach.  I could have spent hours here searching for shells, but my Irish skin was calling it quits after 40 minutes out there.

After our walk it was time for lunch and we headed over to Max’s Conch bar for one last nibble. I had the best conch burger ever and Mike enjoyed wahoo with amazing johnny cake.

I wanted one last stop, a place we drive by every time we go up south, a small gift shop, Judee’s.  I love the straw work of the island and wanted to see if there was anything we “needed”.  I am so happy we stopped in. The woman told us this used to be the old Deadman’s Cay police station and she converted the holding cells into display rooms of Long Island History, it was awesome.  I did pick up one more straw item and a seashell Christmas ornament.

We returned to our cottage for our last float of the vacation. Mike started the packing after we cleaned up and I started the picture uploads.  We watched the sunset, had leftovers and did the last bit of cleaning up before we leave in the morning for home.

It was another great day of being explorers, discovering a cave, finding new beaches and supporting the local economy.

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