Day 16- From Missiles to Peace

Mike and I had a date with the military this afternoon.  In early June we found out we could apply for guest passes to Majors Bay Beach at the Pacific Missile Range Facility.  We filled out the application, had a background check conducted and waited for them to call us to schedule an appointment to check ids, rental car information and insurance.  Last week they called and scheduled our appointment for this afternoon.

We were up early so Mike and I headed for a beach walk.

Our morning jaunt made us rather famished, so back to the homestead we returned to enjoy papaya boats, papaya juice, toast and of course coffee.

IMG_4856 After that it was time to head out, we needed to make a stop at the most popular tourist attraction on the island, Costco. From Costco we headed to Dark Roost Coffee Bar for a cappuccino and a pour over. Hands down one of the best pour overs we have ever enjoyed.

We decided a quick-lunch was in order and went to Kalaheo Cafe.  After lunch it was time for us to head to the MRF to get our IDs issued.  We didn’t take any pictures and we didn’t head to the beach.  It was an easy process and everyone on base was so friendly.  We plan on going next week to spend some time at the beach.

Last week, our friend, Cheri, told us about this Waimea Shingon Mission. We thought we should stop in and see this for ourselves after visiting the base.


This mission has 88 Buddha shrines.  The shrines are in the shape of an artillery shell, They were erected after WWII in the hope that we will have no more war.

The Rev. Kohtoku Hirao came out to greet us and to tell us the history of this place, the best he could, his English is limited and he is learning.  He explained that the land the mission sits on is sacred ground to the Hawaiians and in the cliffs behind the mission there are ancient Hawaiians buried in the holes in the cliff.  As he was telling us this, he pointed to hole in the cliff and there was a skull.  It gave me chicken skin and a chill ran through me.

After he invited us into the temple.  He encouraged us to take a paper that was meant for us, each slip was different and told our fortune.  This was something we haven’t experienced in a mission before.

Mike’s fortune
Ann’s fortune

Our time here was meaningful, touching and an unexpected treat.  To fully digest all this and fortify ourselves for the long drive home, we stopped at Kauai Island Brewing for a beer. Is it bad the workers are starting to recognize us?

On our way home we decided to stop at Kauai Juice Co. for a hot sauce and a juice.  Awesome hot sauce and the juice I picked up was great.  Another place we will visit again.

We arrived home in time to start dinner, grilled shrimp on greens for me and grilled shrimp on a grain mix for the boys.  While we had adventure filled day, we learned our nephew  enjoyed some reading time at Tunnels Beach, while we were out.

We cleaned up the kitchen, gathered up the beach towels and headed over to Tunnels Beach for sunset viewing.  The beach was busy tonight.

As I watched the sun set, I reflected on how we made the choice today to go from a military base set to protect us in one way to a Buddhist mission that has 88 shrines dedicated to peace and no more war.  We truly went from missiles to peace today.

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