Day 14 – A Pilgrimage to Aloha


Today we made a trek to the Lawai International Center. This centers sits in the valley of healing, on an ancient heiau in the configuration of a honu.  There are 88 Buddhist shrines here representing the shines of Shikoku, Japan.  After an introduction by the director, Lynn you are invited into the temple, for we are blessed, and then walk the hillside visiting each shrine.  Inside of the shrines people had left offerings/trinkets.  As I wandered up the hillside I repeated a name of a friend’s daughter who needed healing and other names of people who came into my thoughts.  This is a spiritual place and you must be open to it and respectful of its Aloha spirit.

The grounds also had goats and a donkey to visit and the best port o potty, I have ever been in.

Our pilgrimage to honor the power of Aloha lasted for about an hour and 15 minutes.

Our next place to find aloha or rather caffeine was the Kauai Coffee Company. We did some tastings and purchased a few bags. IMG_4799

Our final destination of the day was Kauai Island Brewing in Port Allen.  I enjoy their Lilikoi Ale, so we were this close and needed lunch, so why not stop? Plus what are the odds that we would be sitting at the bar, in front of the stickers, from our three our local breweries? Talk about Aloha spirit!

See that plate with chips? There were 2 fish tacos on it, that we inhaled before I thought of taking a photo..

By the time we ran a few gift buying errands and drove home it was close to 3:30, enough time to relax, nap and drag out leftovers for dinner.

We headed off to the prime time sunset viewing with Aloha in our hearts.

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