Traveling Along on Day 1

Monday started at 3:45 a.m., slugging down ghastly hotel coffee before our 4:30 a.m. check in with United.


We booked our tickets way in advance and somehow stumbled upon decently priced first class tickets.  Why not? We are celebrating our 100th combined.  We flew to Newark, I think the plane just went up and came right down, a mere 29 minutes.  Next we had about a two-hour layover and then onto first class, front row.  We had lie flats seats, two meals served and great movie selections.

The views looking out over our great landscape was breathtaking.  If I hadn’t watched three movies, I might have seen more of this great land.

We landed in Honolulu a mere 10 hours after leaving Newark. Now for another wait of an hour. Finally we boarded the last plan for what seemed like a two minute flight over to Kauai.  The island was a bit overcast, making it difficult to snap pictures as we flew in.


My whole body felt a sense of returning home, why I don’t know? I am an Irish girl, perhaps it is just a lush green island calling to my soul.  I just choose tropical instead.

Once we landed we grabbed our bags, and yes for those of you who know how we prefer to travel, this was an oddity we checked bags in. Normally our travel style is backpacks and go!  Car rental was a breeze, thank you Hertz and we have an SVU this time!

Our next stop was to pick up rental keys for the house in Waimea.  First we had to fight through commuter traffic at 5 p.m. on the south west side of the island, but once we hit Hanapepe traffic thinned out.  We made our way to the house, dropping our bags off, quickly admiring the backyard view and headed out to find food.

Our original plan was to grab some poke and go sit at a beach to eat it. However, it was becoming clear to us we were way overtired and it was becoming dangerous to drive. We picked up some poke from Ishihara Market in Waimea and some beer.

We ate dinner in our cottage listening to the chickens, smelling the plumeria trees and devouring the poke. We couldn’t even sit outside to watch the sunset, we were that tired. After cleaning up, unpacking and cooling the house down, we headed off to bed.


Tuesday is plan is to find breakfast, do some shopping, maybe visit a beach and hopefully see us finding a beach sunset!


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