Day 2 – Settling In

We awoke to the bird orchestra on our first morning.  We often remark how much we miss these bird sounds living in our urban neighborhood.  Even hearing the chickens doesn’t bother us anymore, we’ve come to appreciate these scrawny little birds calling their scratchy lullaby.

Still recovering from a long travel day we opted to go out for breakfast.  We enjoyed an egg breakfast accompanied by some Kauai Estate Coffee at Kalaheo Cafe & Coffee. We got our veggie and egg fix in to start off strong for a day of running around.

Our next stop was a grocery store. The fog was starting to clear from our brains so we could think about food supplies we really needed to have, plus we needed sunscreen. After our early morning jaunt out we returned to the cottage to unload.

The skies looked so blue we decided a drive up the canyon would be the perfect thing to do, to the end of the road lookout, Pu’u a Kila, we ventured.  The fog here rolls in and rolls out, just wait around for a bit if the view is obscured, it will clear out.

We hiked a little on the Pihea Trail. In the past we’ve attempted this trail to get to the Alaka’i Swamp, but each time weather turned us around.  Today we came unprepared and could have easily hiked the Swamp and back. Lesson learned always throw the backpacks full of water in the car.

While enjoying the views, we listened to a father constantly call his teenage boy away from the edge. At one point he pointed at Mike and told his son he could go stand by him. Guess Mike instills confidence in parents?  At one point the teenager caught up to us. leaving dad behind. I acted as lookout for dad so the boy and Mike could go over to the edge and not get in trouble.  However, further on the trail, dad refused to let the boy  walk past him.

I remember my first time here and how scared I was I would slide down the slippery soil and get hurt. Today I felt like one of the canyon goats, sure footed and hopping along.

After our adventures up top, we headed down the road, stopping along the way for a few photos.

As it was nearing lunchtime and we needed a few things at Costco, we decided to lunch at Kauai Beer Company. First though a road closure forced us to drive past Kauai Coffee Company and well we did need a bag of coffee, so of course we stopped.


Kauai Beer Company did not disappoint. I had four tasters of their beers and Mike enjoyed a pint of their Euro Dark Lager.  Lunch was their beet salad and their taro burger, both were flavorful and filling.

After lunch we made out mandatory Costco run for a few items, then meandered our way back, stopping at the Kalaheo Farmers Market and Aunty Lilikoi’s shop for some goodies.


Once home, we unloaded all our treats, sat outside, watching the birds, which included pheasants, parakeets and a roost of cattle egrets, and attempted to come up with a plan for tomorrow.


Dinner was more poke with a side of quinoa and then we headed up Rt. 550 to view the sunset, only a few miles from our cottage.  We pulled off a little before mile marker 3 at a hunter’s check in station and went on a little dirt road to watch the sun sink.

Dessert followed sunset, dragon fruit and bananas, so ono.


On our official first full day here, I think we are starting to settle in and find our groove.

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