Devil's Slide


When it is hot as Hell, as it is up north currently, where should one hike?  Might as meet the devil at his playground, The Devil’s Slide in Stark, New Hampshire.

We knew today’s condition would match or exceed yesterday’s hazy, hot and humid weather.  We opted for a short hike, further up north, hoping for it to be a bit cooler.

After an hour’s drive, we arrived in Stark, pulled into the little gravel parking area and spent time locating the trail head.  No signs to clearly mark the entrance, just a hidden path.

Mike is pointing the way to the trailhead

Mike is pointing the way to the trailhead

In we ventured, via a trail that hasn’t seen much traffic, but absolutely lovely.

P1040367 P1040372 P1250707

We came across an aged bog bridge, that seems no longer needed, but added to the charm of the trail.


The trail itself was fairly even and gradual for the first part.  We had some obstacles to traverse along the way, which always make for fun times.

Mother Nature's torture tools she uses on hikers

Mother Nature’s torture tools she uses on hikers


had a fallen log bridge we had to cross


Suddenly it seems the terrain changes from hardwood to a spruce and fir playground.  The true ascent started here with soft ground cushioning our steps.

P1250713 P1250714 P1040386 P1040387 P1040393

We topped out at a small viewing spot that overlooked the hamlet of Stark, including its covered bridge.

P1040399 P1040402 P1040404 P1040407 P1040410 P1040414

The views were hazy and limited.

The trail ended here, but we did spend a few minutes exploring the area to see if we could find the old trail or other viewing points.  As the day was getting hotter, we didn’t expend much energy exploring.

We retreated down the trail, taking time to notice Mother Nature’s little treasures that dotted the trail.


Moss Balls dotted the upper portion of the trail.

Moss Balls dotted the upper portion of the trail.


multi tiered web

multi tiered web

Is mother nature telling us fall is approaching?

Is mother nature telling us fall is approaching?

P1040433 P1040437

This was a fairly easy hike, a good one to stretch the legs on such hot as hell day in the North Country.

devil's slide

The Details: 1.6 miles, 1 hour 36 mins, elevation gain of 600 feet.

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  1. What a wonderful photo looking down on Stark! I’ve been to the town and have my photos of the bridge, but none from the unique angle you found.

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