Day 2 – The Run Around

my blogging view
my blogging view

After being lulled to sleep by the waves last night, oh wait, I was so tired, I just fell sleep, no being lulled at all, we got up around 5:15 a.m.  We knew today is traditionally our “run around and do all the shopping” day.

First things first,  start writing the blog about Sunday’s travels.  I must say I have a pretty nice view to look at while blogging.  Mike kindly made coffee and my favorite breakfast of yogurt, lilikoi and granola.

After I posted the blog, it was time for the mandatory morning stroll on the beach. We didn’t travel far, need to develop the sand walking legs.

P1040846 P1040848After the leisurely stroll, we returned to the house and consumed more coffee.  Here we made the plan for the day and the grocery list.

IMG_2487First stop was Costco, nothing to inspiring to write about there.  Next stop Walmart, again nothing grand.  We headed home, dropped off the load and went to our favorite little shopping place in Waialua, Waialua Sugar Mill.

We needed local coffee, so we picked up a bag of beans at Old Sugar Mill Brand Coffee and Chocolate.


Next stop, the only place we have purchased bath soaps for the past three years, North Shore Soap Factory.  We also had to thank Holly, who packages our purchases and always includes a handwritten Mahalo and sometimes a drawing on the invoice.  We adore their customer service.

Entrance to North Shore Soap
Follow the duckies to the entrance

After that was it lunch time.  We first stopped at the coffee place in Haleiwa, but the two dishes we wanted, were both out, we opted just to have their hibiscus tea and find another spot to eat.  As we wandered the town, we spied Souvaly Thai Mobile.  Looked like good eats, so why not stop here for lunch?  Boy, were we pleased with our lunches.

Naughty Princess (hot curry)
Beef Saute

We still had more shopping to do, so down we headed to Waimea to the Foodland there.  Next stop, VJs Butcher Block.  It was great to finally go in there. Everyday they post the most outrageous food pictures and I couldn’t wait to go there and support the local guy. We picked up ono fish, locally caught and a chicken roaster, locally raised.

VJs, our favorite place to buy meat/fish.
VJs, our favorite place to buy meat/fish.

After that, back to Waialua Fresh to pick up a few items to pair with the fish for dinner tonight.  Finally one last stop, we needed dessert. We had to go to Paalaa Kai Bakery for Snowy Puffs.

We arrived home, after six hours of running around.  We enjoyed a brief rain shower, showered ourselves, and prepped dinner.

Dinner was ono, served over sautéed zucchini and onions.  All local ingredients.

Ono fish served over zuke and onions
Ono fish served over zuke and onions

Next was dessert, a shared snowy puff.  Let me tell you pure heaven!!

snowy puff
snowy puff

After dinner, it was the ritual of watching the sunset.  It seemed a bit uninspired tonight.

P1040861 P1220364

We waited until the official time of sunset, hoping it would dazzle us, but alas, it didn’t. Inside we went and I started to write this post.  Then I heard the neighbor oohhing and ahhing, I looked out and there was that inspired sunset sky color we love.  Thank you Mother Nature.


The colors were stunning and a relaxing way to end a crazy day of running around.  We are settled now, have our little comforts to make island living a bit easier.





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