Day 24 – Stink Eye, Da Crack, Hiking and a Crab

So we had another early morning. We hit Java Kai in Hanalei for an Americano and an iced mocha (no whipped cream) at 6:45 a.m. I was secretly hoping Pierce would be there getting his early morning java, but no such luck.

We merrily rolled on down the highway towards Allerton Garden on the south side.  We were going on the Ho’ike Tour, a behind the scenes tour of Allerton and McBryde Gardens.

As we neared the entrance to Allerton, we were going the posted speed limit of 25 mph when a man on a little bulldozer told, rather yelled at us,  to slow down and stop speeding.  We smiled as we knew we were going the posted limit (I even looked over at the speedometer and noted it was at 25).  Mike pulled into the lot, I went up to the visitor center to check us in.  In the background I could hear the tiny bulldozer coming into the lot.

Well Mike was confronted by a very angry man who proceeded to berate Mike for going to fast, etc.  If you know Mike, he just takes it in and smiles.  The man was hoping for a verbal confrontation, but none came from Mike.

As we were waiting for our tram, the guy came up in his machine to move more dirt and continued to give us the stink eye, all the while Mike and I just smiled at him.  We let our tour guide know about this and he quipped, “Clarence has anger issues, he does that to a few people and please let management know.”

Honestly if we were first time visitors, I would have demanded my money back and no longer supported the gardens.  Good thing, we’ve been before and had an excellent guide, David, today.  He was great at talking story.  It was fun going behind the scenes of the garden.

We stopped at the falls, the guide called it Queen Emma’s Falls.

Queen Emma’s Falls

We spent time in the green houses.  Part of the house is hurricane proof.

smells like chocolate

What makes each tour so unique is each guide has different stories to tell.  This is the guest house of the Allertons and during the filming of Fantasy Island, Tattoo stood on the balcony and welcomed the guests.

Tattoo stood on the balcony

We saw many different varieties of Hala Trees.

Hala Tree

We visited the lotus garden.


We even walked paths that on the regular tours you are not shown.


The Allerton Gardens are a magical place.  Dave, the guide, was outstanding and took away the evil stink eye of Clarence.

After our tour, we lunched at Da Crack in Poipu.  I had the special fish bowl and Mike had the veggie taco.  Both are excellent.  I’ve now had the fish taco, bowl and burrito.  The fish taco is my favorite, followed by the bowl and then the burrito.

Da Crack Fish Bowl
Da Crack veggie taco

After lunch we hike a small bit of the Mahaulepu Heritage Trail.  I would suggest doing this hike in the morning.  The afternoon sun was tough on me and we didn’t finish it.

view from trail
more views

There was even a heiau on the trail.  Anytime I can stop and look at a heaiu, I am filled with a  deep reverence for the power of the ancient Hawaiians.


It is an easy, non demanding hike with beautiful ocean and golf course views. But in the afternoon sun of Hawaii, my body didn’t like it.

Of course after this, we had to detour to the coffee plantation.  Picked up a few more goodies.

At home, we cleaned up, snacked, who needed dinner after that lunch? And then headed down to the beach for sunset.

Once again we had a friend watch with us.

just a little friend
sunset reflections

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