Day 23 – Just another day in paradise

Today was one of those days that started off very slowly.  Big cups of coffee sipped slowly, a long breakfast of goodies to nibble on and rainbows to watch appear.


We followed this up by a long walk on Cannons beach, searching for shells and taking pictures. We had to park in a different spot today, so the way down to the beach was a bit more treacherous and like I said earlier, I was moving slow.

I'm trying hard not to trip

Mike watched crabs play in a tidepool for a bit,

crab play time

while I wandered around looking for shells.  I had one great find today.

my shell find

Mike then worked on taking some artsy photos.

beach art
rock art
the view

After we meandered around, we settled on hanging out at Tunnels for a bit of time to catch some sun rays.

Morning slowly melted into the afternoon and the pace picked up just a tiny bit.  We went to the Waipa’s Farmer’s Market.  After having a mellow morning, seeing so many people jostling for fresh produce was too much for me to take in.  I didn’t enjoy my experience as much as I usually do because people were pushy and rude. Ok, maybe I was a bit oversensitive because I’ve adapted well to island time and attitude.

We did have a new fruit introduced to us.  I’m not saying what it is because I will be featuring it in my facebook “name that fruit contest” for friends.

a very delicious fruit and new to us

We than stopped at Hanalei Dolphin for some fresh ahi for dinner.  Ahhhh grilled ahi and vegetables from the market for dinner.  How pono it was. Sorry we ate it before we could snap a photo.

After dinner Mike picked me a plumeria and we strolled to the other sunset beach we like.

I love plumeria

While waiting for the sun to set, Mike worked on some more artsy photos.

white flower, so fragrant

As Mike was working on his photos, I made a new friend tonight.  He was a bit crabby and I don’t think I cheered him up.

My new friend

We watched the sunset and then Mike went into total relaxation.

Mike is relaxed

As we entered the yard, the light was lovely and played with the sliver of the moon nicely.  It was a perfect scene to end the evening.

moon glow

Tomorrow our pace ramps up.  We have behind the scenes tour planned at Allerton and McBryde Gardens, followed by lunch out, then a hike along the southern coast and since we are south a stop at the coffee plantation.  Ok, that makes me tired just thinking about all that activity.


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