Day 16 – Owl, Pie, Coffee and Beaches Oh my…

Last night at sunset we heard the road to Polihale Beach was in better condition.  We decided why not? Let’s go to Polihale Beach on Tuesday.  By sea kayak we are only about 12 miles away, but by car try a two-hour drive.

As we entered the town of Kappa, we drove the bypass route.  Good thing we used it this a.m. because we were blessed enough to watch a Hawaiian Owl.  This owl is the only known day owl.

Hawaiian Owl

We continued on our merry way to Polihale Beach.  It is seven miles of white sand beaches with no natural shade, but views of the Napali coast and Ni’ihau. It was a busy place today with lots of people arriving.  We stayed only briefly to walk a bit.  We felt we had to see it, but once was ok with us.

looking towards the Napali coast

It was fun to watch the waves.  I personally wouldn’t get in, because you could see waves going back out and it has the potential to suck you out to sea.

wave action

Off in the distance we could see Ni’ihau.  Ni’ihau is inhabited by 200 Hawaiian families that only speak Hawaiian and you must be invited to go on the island.

Ni'ihau in the distance

After we left Polihale, we stopped by the Russian Fort in Waimea. Mike drove through it as I narrated from the guide-book, it was worth a drive by, no pictures though.

Next we stopped in Waimea Town at Aunty Lilikoi’s because I heard she has a lilikoi pie to die for.  Mike and I shared a slice. It was light and luscious.

Lilikoi Pie

Then we walked across the street to Ishihara Market for some poke.  Where to eat lunch after we just had dessert?

Our friend Eric loves to go to Salt Pond Beach Park, so we thought let’s stop there and eat our lunch of chicken and poke.  What a great little beach park.  We really liked it and will return.

wave hits kids, they giggle
where are the kids?
ahh a Kauai beach scene

After that we had to make another stop at the Kauai Coffee Company.

kauai coffee company another yum

This time we decided to do the 1/8 mile self guided tour.  Very informative and quaint. Grab a small cup of coffee from the tasting room and go for the free tour, well worth 20 minutes of your life.

I enjoy the tour

After this little adventure, we drove through Hanapepe town, a budding artist town.  Hopefully more retail artsy shops will come into historic Hanapepe to really liven it up.

We made a detour in Kalaheo and well we became enamored of this town. Potential for retirement….

We stopped at a park that had a nine-hole golf course attached to it, Kukuiolono Park and Golf Course.  What a little treasure.  We walked around the Japanese Gardens and the Hawaiiana Exhibit.

Japanese Meditation Platform
Look Crossfitters, even ancient Hawaiians lifted atlas stones.
Mike goes Zen

The golf course had ridiculous views to the ocean.

golf course views

This land was donated by Walter McBryde who is buried here. I stopped and thanked him for giving such a beautiful place to the state and bequeathed that it remain a park and golf course.


After we arrived home, we did some research on this little gem and discovered there are walking paths that go through the golf course.  You know what this means, we will be returning before we depart the island.

As we left the park, we turned right on Pu’u Road, a one lane road that was a fun little drive with some killer views.  We also discovered houses along the road…hmmmm

We arrived home weary from our day’s journey.  After shower and dinner, we went down for the sunset. Rather we drove to Tunnels because rain showers were encroaching in on us.

before the rain hits
can you see the line of rain coming?
under the pines

We had to scurry up under the pines when the rain hit. As we left the cover of pines, we had to sprint like crazy to the car, because the sky let loose a downpour.  Of course, I was laughing so hard my sprint time wasn’t that good.

What a long fun day.  Visiting many new places for us. Tomorrow is an adventure filled day.  Eric of Hike Kauai With Me ( is taking us up Kahili mountain/ridge.  I’m a bit nervous, as this has a ridge walk, but with Mike and Eric this should be a piece of cake….ha ha ha ha

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