Day 15 – Hanging out with Friends

Ahhh what a day.  We had friends coming in from Oahu, so we started off by cleaning the house, I went to do laundry and returned to Mike, saying what a beautiful morning. Cleaning was put on hold and we headed out to Cannons beach to greet the day.

As usual I ask Pele for a gift from the sea. When I do this, I am always rewarded with an unusual find. This was today’s gift from her.

I have no clue what this sea creature is
head of creature?

After viewing him for a short time, we returned him to the sea, where he belonged.

I was chastised yesterday for not lifting some weight, so I grabbed some water logged driftwood and did a few deadlifts, overhead squats and back squats.  Hopefully the logs won’t be out to see tomorrow and I can do them again.

Overhead Squat
Back Squats

We ran to Princeville afterwards to pick a few items at the Foodland. I was hoping to make banana macadamia nut muffins. But the small convention oven we use is not conducive to baking.  So I made a giant mess of things.

We were meeting friends in Hanalei at 11:30, so off we trekked.  We ate at  Kalypso. I seem to be on a quest to find the best fish taco on the island. So of course I ordered the fish taco. Portions were good size, had a side dish of beans and rice.  I would say this comes in a second to Da Crack.  The flavor was good and the tacos fresh.

After lunch we all returned to our house and hit Tunnels Beach for a few hours of snorkeling and playing in the sand.

Mike and Nick playing in the surf
Paul and Nick smiling for the camera

We had a great afternoon just hanging together and catching up.  Paul is a high school friend of mine, who is stationed in Oahu.  We absolutely love his family and are so blessed they hopped over to Kauai for a few days.


They are staying on the south side, so they left late afternoon to check into their hotel. We are looking forward to Thursday, when we will spend more time together.

After a quick dinner of leftovers, catching up with the world, we headed to the beach for the night-time showing of mother nature.

Tonight we had a better show than the previous nights and we spent it chatting with island friends we’ve made over the past year.  We also had the pleasure of watching bats flit over the ocean, catching bugs.


Another exceptional day spent hanging with a friend and his family from my youth and island friends.  What joy will tomorrow bring?

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