Day 7 – Lazy Day

So we had a lazy Sunday day here in Kauai.

We slept in, had a breakfast of eggs, coffee  and fresh fruit.

Breakfast, starring fruit - mango, pineapple, mountain apple, banana, lilikoi

After breakfast we did a mile walk on the road and a 1.5 mile on the beach walk for time.

beach view
saw a dead eel on the walk
low tide
First view of the Mountains
Someone famous lives here

After the walk, we gathered up our stuff and went to our favorite spot on Tunnels to spend a few hours soaking up rays, reading and swimming.

another view

After the swim, we dried off in the sun and had our first celebrity sighting of the trip.  Down came Glenn F., founding member of the Eagles from his house to do a quick swim and dry off.

Celebrity Glenn catches some rays

Off to the house we went to shower and go out to the Princeville Foodland to do this week’s grocery shopping.  Yup, not staying in a resort, we are required to think of meals and shop for them..but that is ok.

We spent the rest of the afternoon, reading books and online stuff, catching up with world news.

Dinner is followed by our nightly showing of the sunset.  Tonight’s sunset is brought to you by Mother Nature, who I believe was feeling a bit lazy herself tonight.

Tunnels Sunset

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