Day 6 – Saturday July 16

Our morning started off with rain showers,

The cliffs play hide and seek

but that means…..RAINBOWS


After the showers continued on, Mike went for a short beach walk, while I fussed about.  Time to hit the Hanalei Farmer’s Market. Once again we divide and conquer, Mike to fruit, me to veggies.

Farmer's Market


Fruit from the market

After unloading all the goodies, it was time to load up on sunscreen and hit Tunnels for a bit of sunning and a swim.

Instead of foot in the sand photo...
Four feet float

After this mid day picture-taking session, we returned to the house to get ready for our evening of the Allerton Estate Sunset Tour.  We were told to be there at 4, so with an hour and 40 min. drive ahead of us, we hurried off.

The Allerton Estate is set in the Lawai Valley on the south side of Kauai.  The Allerton Couple purchased it from Queen Emma in 1937 and made it into the beautiful gardens you see today.  Unfortunately it faced two hurricanes which during one of them it destroyed the house.   The tour brought us down into the valley,

Looking down at the Estate

where an excellent guide brought us around some of the gardens and talked story.

The Thanksgiving Room
Do these trees look like a movie set?
water feature
rub for good luck

We approached the house and the huge expanse of lawn and we were all transported to another era.

Allerton Estate
looking out from the house courtyard

We were given permission to wander the grounds and beach while a light dinner was prepared for us.

The Four Seasons
at the beach looking back towards the house
palm tree perspective
Mike hanging out

After dinner of light fare, the guide led us to the beach and over the bridge.  We learned that the latest Tsunami caused some minor damage to the beach, which in turned affected the nesting turtles.  The beach lost about two feet of sand and created a bank that the turtles cannot climb, the turtles have had to re locate their nesting area to another part of the beach.

Beach and effect of Tsunami

This was a wonderful experience and one I’m glad we participated in. The group was small, 12 people and the guide was excellent.  We plan on returning and doing the behind the scene’s tour.

Another fun-filled day in Kauai.

Lotus flower

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