Day 39

Today was another good day, workout, breakfast, rain, rainbows, snorkeling and a few other things.

Bubbles the Beach Cat came by for the warm up but quickly had to be called in because the feral cat was causing havoc with the other cats. After the workout, breakfast included rain and rainbows, well maybe some cheering from us too.

We spent the morning snorkeling at Dean’s Blue Hole. We did spot a box jellyfish (yikes). FYI, this type of jellyfish is not lethal, painful yes, but not lethal. The water was clear and Mike was able to get down to the first ledge. Goals for next year, get me down there.

After that we went to Turnbull for lunch and waited until our appointment at the clinic. We needed to have a covid test to enter the US (we passed, are negative).

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