Day 31

Our workout was interrupted by Bubbles the Cat. This cat is nuts and great entainment. This morning she was battling with a mockingbird.

After that we made breakfast and did some food prep for the week.

Our adventures today found us at French Harbor in Millers. The first area with the boat launch was full of seaweed. I couldn’t even walk the beach far because the smell of it was making me nauseous.

We drove a tiny bit over to the other beaches and walked those. The fist thing you notice about them is all the plastic.

On the way out we noticed THE HOUSE for us. Of course it’s not for sale and well even if it was we aren’t in the market for a few years. It has good bones and views of the ocean on both sides of the island, plus the breeze up there is refreshing. The downside looks like it is off the grid. But how do they run the two ACs? No one has been there in a while, so we had to check it out and dream how we would redesign the porch and a few other things.

Sunset tonight included entertainment from the Bubbles the Cat.

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