Day 27

Workout, breakfast, snap photo for my Coffee With a View series over on instagram.

We made the decision last night to return to Hard Bargain area and take the road inside to the farthest point North before it ended.

We found a place to park and had the wow moment when we crested the little hill on the bush path to the beach.

We walked the mile back to figure out where to have lunch. We knew from being there last week we had the perfect spot to go to. On our way back we spied the tugboat, so of course we had to check it out.

After that it was time to have lunch at our new favorite spot.

We arrived back to our apartment late afternoon. We read for a bit, had dinner and watched the sunset.

2 thoughts on “Day 27

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  1. You are visiting places we have never been………so wish you’d still be there when we return! I love to see how you are embracing Long Island.

    1. I wish we were overlapping. Maybe next July. Our plan is return then. Giving up traveling other school vacations to make a longer stay. I guess you could say we have fallen in love with this island.

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