Day 7 – The Finale

Yup today was our last full day and it was filled with fullness of the best kind.

  1. Up early, write in my journal. Wind shifted, returned to unit.
  2. Rain comes, put breakfast together, it ends.
  3. Go to gazebo for breakfast, storms roll around us, rainbow watch.
  4. Pack up car with needed supplies for day, head to Dean’s Blue Hole, while dodging storms
  5. Very choppy at Deans, leave.
  6. Drive all the way out to Gordons Beach, walk two miles, collect shells and 2 big sea biscuits (shhhh, we packed them home).
  7. Lunch at Turnbull
  8. Return to Deans, swim with a turtle, two barracudas and a bunch of other fish
  9. Return to unit, pack (yuck), upload videos to social media (sorry you have to wait for a seperate video post when I get home)
  10. Dinner
  11. Sunset (lackluster again, just means we have to return next summer)
  12. Sleep

Images for 1-3

Images for #4-5

Images for #6

Images for #7

Images for #8

Image for #10

Image for #11

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