Day 14 – Last Full Day

This is our last full day. We just meandered about after my cloud viewing and our breakfast.

Our first stop of the day was the grocery store. I had a tee shirt to pick up from our new friend we met yesterday to support the Mack Knowles Jr. Sail Club and pick up some gingernut cookies for our flight.

We decided to head South today, trying to find a beach by Bahamian Dreamin’ that had a gazebo. First though we hit a traffic detour as they are working on putting water lines in for the island.

Our first stop was the Museum. Sorry no pictures were permitted inside, but it is a tiny little museum and I would recommend going to learn a little more about island life and its history.

After our visit we went in search of that beach and gazebo only to discover we couldn’t legally access it so we drove over to Deans Blue Hole to see how conditions were and if it was prime for snorkeling. The answer was no, seaweed had pushed in, so no snorkel or swim for us.

We continued on to Clarence Town to pick up a thank you gift for friend at Ena L. Major Creations. We try to always stop in and pick something up. We learned Ena is 85 years old, goodness she doesn’t look a day over 65 and has the spirit of a 25 year old.

On our way back North, we stopped at Under the Sun Department Store for some homemade Soursop Ice Cream. It was delicious.

We headed home to have lunch of peanut butter and guava sandwiches. You know having dessert first if the thing to do. After lunch we worked on potential holiday card photos. Here are a few unedited outtakes.

After that excitement and secretly hoping the manatee would photobomb us, we went inside and started the dismissal task of packing and cleaning.

Dinner was leftovers, you know the fridge clean out feast and then onto our last sunset viewing party till our return.

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