Day 7 – From Deserted to Dessert

Today begin with me cloud watching, followed by french toast sticks topped with local banana and passionfruit. Great way to fuel the body for today’s adventures.

We packed our gear to snorkel over to Guana Cay to spend some time exploring the island and visiting with it’s locals, curly tailed lizards.

After exploring was over, we sat down and had a slice or two of johnny cake and gave a few crumbs to our new buddies.

The tide was going out as we swam across and we made a few more friends on our way over to our starting shore.

It was time for lunch once we reached land. We decided to head over to Boat Harbor Road and have lunch at the gazebo.

After lunch we thought it would be a great idea to kayak over to Evas Cay, another deserted island, we can see from our location. Our first omen that it was a not a great idea, was the snake between the kayaks.

The second omen, the current and winds were opposing forces making it difficult for us to get over there. We prevailed and just walked around a bit.

We finally made it back and had our reward, a Kalik.

We rested for a bit, had dinner and a lovely dessert of dilly fruit and my no bake papaya lime cheesecake before our sunset ritual.

It was a very full day from deserted islands to dessert and everything in between.

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