Day 6 – Instagrammers

I have a love/hate relationship with instagram and its influencers. I adore instagram for keeping me connected to family and friends, for avoiding political b.s. and keeping me informed with businesses. I detest the influencers who damage a beautiful place, are rude, fake humans and who set false realities. So today was a love hate relationship kind of day.

Let me spin the tale of the day, it started with me mockingly exclaiming to Mike, I’m an influencer. Two summers ago I started a coffee with a view summer post and took a photo of my coffee every day over my summer break. I continue it during the summer and our vacations. The photos do NOT have me in them, the importance being the coffee and the view. It might help to explain why most of my blog posts start with a photo of my coffee.

Today I woke up to another friend tagging me in her coffee with a view photo while she was on vacation. I honestly was happy that she thought of me on vacation and I was happy for her that she is somewhere lovely. So therefore because I am not making it about me, I truly can’t be an influencer.

Our day started with my coffee with a view, bananas and coffee!

We packed up our supplies for another day out. Our first stop has not been discovered by influencers and luckily never will be. We went to Friendship Garden in Kaneohe. Mike accidently stumbled on this place while researching what to do today. It was almost a half mile loop and it was a hike, not an easy garden stroll. Parking was limited, as where the views, but the unexpectedness of this place made it wonderful.

Our next spot was a repeat visit for us. We first visited Hoomaluhia Gardens in 2013 before influencers were a thing. Today they populated the Gardens, so much so that signs like this, had to be posted:

A few instagrammers clearly ignored the signs and one caused us to have slight traffic snafu. They were filming, stopped in the road and told us to go around them, but the road is narrow and they did this right in front of a no passing sign. As semi rule followers, this zapped us of aloha and perhaps a few things were said to them. Here are some influencers doing their “thang”.

And well Mike had to have his try at looking like an influencer, however he is missing the correct flowing clothes, the cute hat and long flowing hair, that moves just perfectly in the breeze.

And here is what they really missed, some amazing photos that focus on nature.

After this we needed real people to be around so three stops were necessary Costco, Honolulu Cookie Company and Honolulu Beerworks. I love the Cobb Salad at HB so today I went for the food and of course I sat next to one those influencers (sorry no picture, couldn’t do it discreetly).

And this why I love instagram because of finding out about the art of Ka’Kaako Pow Wow and this great little chocolate shop , Lonohana Hawaiian Estate Chocolate, so yum and we each had a free truffle!

And because of instagram I discovered Off the Hook Poke and Choco Le’a Chocolate in Manoa. We picked up dinner at Off the Hook and some chocolates to ship home. This was another great chocolate find.

We returned home to pack our Aloha boxes and see what kind of room we had left to stuff stuff in, only to discover I forgot to get a card for each box. This meant a quick walk into Waikiki for an ABC Store emergency card purchase. Good thing we had a lovely view walking back to the rental.

After our walk back, we rested, had dinner and made our sunset viewing decision. We decided to return to San Souci and hang with the locals.

So take the beautiful photos, post them but be real about it, be respectful about taking the photos and try not to be a copycat, because really we saw a lot of people be wannabees and not thinking for themselves.

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