Day 14.5 – Mahalo

So after being awake for about 24 and sleeping on and off for about four hours, I finally have half a brain to write about final Friday morning.

It started with a clean out the fridge, tidy the rental house and pack last day routine. Not very exciting, but something that had to be done.


After fridge cleanout it was time to take one last walk around our little hood.  First stop a little botanical garden by the house.

Next we walked down to Waikiki Beach and back to our  house.

Once back, we finished our tasks, loaded the rental car, returned it and headed off to the airport for our flight back to Connecticut.

It was a quick two weeks.  We thought we would do things, we didn’t do, like eat at the Aloha Poke Co., hike Diamond Head, and eat at Sunny Days Cafe.  We did things we didn’t plan on doing like our three hikes, go to Honolulu Beerworks so much and spend 2 half mornings at beaches.  We really never planned our days ahead of time, except for the Heartwalk and Mike’s race.  We just let the days unfold and went with what we wanted to do, having the freedom to do is a great gift.

I end with a mahalo to everyone who read this blog, who supported us on our two planned events and to Hawaii.  A huge mahalo to the island for showing us so much aloha in our short visit.

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