Day 9 – Aloha Nui Loa

Today was the day of our Oahu Heart Walk.  Mike and I raised a grand total of $5,160 for the Oahu Heart Association.  Aloha Nui Loa to our wonderful friends and family that supported us with money, aloha and making heart healthy choices.


Up early to eat some breakfast, then walked over to the park to begin the fun. We went into the VIP tent, had a smoothie and waited for the walk to begin.  We did the 5k course up to Diamond Head Beach Parking and back down.  It was an upbeat time with a few hundred walkers.

After the walk, we returned to have a bit more food and headed out for the morning to hit up a farmers market and pick up some more food.  Of course we had to stop at Ahi Assassins for more poke. We got into the poke place just in time, there was a line as we left.


Then we had to  stop at Pipeline for their cake bombs. While we in the neighborhood, we stopped at Sprouts to pick up sandwiches for our afternoon adventure.

Returning back to the house,  we deposited  the goods and  headed off to Lanikai Brewing in Kailua.  Three years ago we stopped in, when it was fairly young. The taproom back then was in the brewing facility. Now it is a fancy store front location, just serving beers. We plopped down at the bar, ordered a beer and had our lunch.  Good beers but the crowd at the bar, weren’t for us, not social and a bit stand offish. We each had a pour and a half and left.  We get the message island, Kailua isn’t our town.

Once home, we rested, packed the donor’s thank you boxes, helped a friend plan an impromptu trip here next week, ate our dinner of poke and headed off into the sunset.  Tomorrow is Mike’s big race day, a 15k around Diamond Head, early to bed tonight!

So it is with aloha nui loa we say thank you to everyone that gave, cheered us on and supported us! Please keep aloha in your heart for Mike’s race tomorrow. He runs at 6 a.m. pacific time, noon eastern.



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