Day 5 – Surf from Sun Up to Sun Down

Yup, we watched surfers in the morning, we watched surfers in the evening and in between? Stuff happened.

Mike had a longer run planned for today, to run part of his race route. While Mike ran, I walked to a beach to meet him. This time I went closer to the famous Waikiki pier to plop down and watch life unfold around me. Surf was up.

Mike returned, jumped in the water, we had some toast and an apple banana, watched more wave action and then I received a message from a friend, asking for travel advice to Hawaii. Please don’t ask me that, I could spend hours telling you my feelings and thoughts.  I jotted off a quick response and delighted her with some photos our on way back to the house.

At the house we had to figure out the morning. We needed more fruit, we needed a farmers market. Mike found a small one in Manoa Marketplace by the university.  What a find and not a tourist trap.  Finally found butter avocados and mangos, all local!

We then needed more poke, so time for a new poke place, Keeaumoku Seaford. It was next to an interesting named chicken joint, that already had people ordering around 10 a.m.

We returned back to the house, put things away and packed a lunch to take to Waimanalo Bay Recreation Area.  We spent a little over an hour here, walking the beach, eating and just being.

To much sun for my fair Irish skin, so we packed it up and headed back.  We did have a 4ish o’clock date at the BeerLab Hi, so once we figured out where to grab food, we cleaned up and off we went.  Dinner was from Da Cove up the street. We got it to go.  We arrived at the BeerLab Hi and felt right at home in a local brewery setting.  Cool little place with good beers.  I was able to plant two Hartford Brewery stickers on the wall. And yes we will return before we leave.

We had to leave because the appointed hour of sunset viewing was at hand.  Mike went for a float in the ocean, I took in the local scene, watched the wave action and decided in retirement here, I will be writing trashy romance novels about the people I watch.

The surf way out was popping, it was great fun to watch through the camera lens zoomed in, way in.  Today was one of those non touristy days, just watching the surf and letting life happen.

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