Day 4 – Seashells and Goats

This island has an abundance of a two things, goats and seashells.  Today we encountered both, we cruised the shell highway in one spot and get held up in a goat traffic jam in another, awww island life.

Our first order of the day, after watching the changing sunrise sky was to make breakfast. We cooked up french toast sticks with local Bahamian bread topped with local pineapple jam and commercial guava fruit jam.  After breakfast we made dessert for the rest of the week, coconut lime bars, yummmm.


We planned our morning route, knowing it may turn into a full day affair, which it did! Our first stop was gas and in case you were wondering, gas was $5.42 a gallon. On our way from getting gas the door was open to the Hamilton Cave house.  I yelled “stop”, Mike did, pulled in and we arranged a tour to the caves for Wednesday morning with the owner of the caves, Leonard Cartwright. We’ve been waiting to explore the caves since last April, so today we made the appointment.

Our next stop was Ford’s Landing, where in December we found it on a whim and discovered the shelling was fantastic, and the views too are pretty spectacular. Today we loaded up on shells and I felt like I was cruisin’ down a shell highway.

After the walk and a few photos we headed out to Gordon’s, our favorite beach. Today we finally walked to the left of the beach. On our last two trips, we went to the right, but today no one was to the left so off we headed.  Sadly though, someone was at the entrance of the beach burning down the palm trees, not sure why, not sure if it was a controlled burn or just someone being a jerk.


We strolled to the pines, laid our stuff off and took off walking around the point. As we meandered back we hopped in the water to cool off.  Shelling to the left isn’t anything grand but if we had gone right, the shelling has been good there in the past. I didn’t want to be greedy, so we opted to stay on our side of the beach.

After our brief “swim”, we had our lunch of Max’s conch salad, hummus and chips and an ice cold Kalik.

On our drive out of Gordon’s we stopped at a tiny convenience store for a soda and just to peek inside.

We decided to follow a beach road that lead to a rock cliff, we turned around and took another side road off and came to a lovely little cove, that we spied two boats at. We walked the cove and decided in higher tide, we should return to snorkel.

On our way out we hit our first  goat traffic jam of the day.  They took over the Queen’s highway at this point and we had to wait them out, all the while shaking our heads, laughing at island life.

Our next side road took us to what we believe may be Watermelon Beach.  This is where we encountered goat traffic jam #2 on the way to the beach.  Once here we looked around, but didn’t walk the beach, our legs were tired.

The next adventure had us searching for Dunmore Settlement Plantation Ruins and of course this is where we encountered goat traffic jam #3.  We believe we took the wrong road and didn’t find the ruins. Mike will do more research and hopefully we can find them in the future.


On our way out of Clarence Town we stopped at Ena L. Majors Creations for some straw products.  We pass by this lovely little shop so often and today we decided to stop. So glad we popped in and picked up a few items.

By this time it was late afternoon and we needed a swim.  On our way home, we made a stop at Dean’s Blue Hole for a snorkel. The current was strong, the water silty, but we snorkeled anyways and were rewarded with three sand dollars.  As we left we ran into the people renting the cottage in front of us. We garnered  a piece of information about a resident living inside of the blue hole, a big ole barracuda that is pretty friendly.  You know with that piece of information, we will be back to make friends with him.


Once at home, we did the usual clean ourselves up, have dinner (salad with crawfish), read, wrote and waited for the day to turn into the evening. We enjoyed homemade dessert.


Our day had an abundance of cruisin’ seashell highways above and below the sea and watching goats cause traffic jams, just another good day of island life.


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