Once last look

Today we decided to revisit an area for next year’s stay, over by Clem Cay. Being our predictable morning selves, first we had the morning routine of walk about, breakfast, and planning the route of the day.

A late start today, due to waiting for the showers to pass over.  Our first stop was Compass Rose Pool. When we last visited we only looked, as there was a small group enjoying the spot and we didn’t want to intrude.  Today we had the spot all to ourselves. Tide was going out, making it for an easy, shallow swim, walk in the water.  Mike particularly enjoyed going over to the cut, calling it “nature’s infinity pool”.

As we left, we ran into a group coming in, sometimes being the early bird is the best thing to be.  We decided to head over to Clem’s Cay and re visit another blue hole, plus it gave us a different perspective of a possible rental for next December.  The blues of the water made my heart flip and walking out into the clear water was a delight. We could see the potential rental from the water and to think we could walk this beach every morning we would be here is very tempting. We are still hung up on not having a sunset view, hmmmm.

After the water walk, we were famished and ate our pb and jelly sandwich in the car and then stopped at Lloyd’s Sports Bar and Grill to grab some conch fritters and coconut shrimp. We don’t eat much fried food, this was yummy and filling, but a one and done for us.

Mustering up the courage, we stopped at the “fish place”.  Why did we need courage? Because you had to go down a parking lot, no signs, go to a building that had no signs and just ask for fish, An issue we have (maybe Catholic guilt) is feeling like we are intruding and being disruptive.  We spotted a guy, asked for fish for sale, he told another guy open the door, he looked at us, we repeated the question and the answer was go there. So there we went, to the bosses office, felt a bit like something out of a movie. He asked lobster or fillet. We said lobster tails please, 2.  We wanted to say “2 bugs” because in Staniel Cay that is what you call them, but we held back.  He went in to the freezer and brought out two lovelies.  The cost was $18.00, we don’t know if that was reasonable or not, but for us it brought back memories of having bugs with our friends on Staniel.  I did ask when is the time to purchase fresh fish, because in none of our research has anyone said what time the boats come in.  He told us early evening is the best time.  Good to know for the next trip.


With bugs tucked into the coolers we headed home.  Mike went for a dip and I just crashed for a nap. After the nap we debated again whether to rent here or there, still no decision is made.

Sunset was obscured by clouds, though we did have a turtle teasing us with pop ups throughout the setting of the sun.

Our dinner was a simple lobster tail with salad.  Another quiet evening on the porch listening to music and reminiscing about today’s adventures.




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