House Hunting

Umm yup, we decided today would be a good day to go house hunting, well rental house hunting for next December break.  I wish it was house hunting to purchase, but it’s good to have dreams.  We love where we stay, but are thinking maybe another side of the island might be nice also.

Before we had breakfast, a morning stroll along our coastal walkway was had.


Breakfast was held down at our gazebos landing, french toast sticks with guava jam and you guessed it bananas.


We plotted out our day, three beaches that had houses for rent on them, two of them on the Atlantic side, one on our side.  We are now on the Caribbean sea side, waters are calmer here.  First stop was Lochabar Beach that had two houses on it for rent. The houses have direct beach access, we didn’t have an easy direct access to the get to the beach today. We had to follow a narrow ungroomed path to get to the beach (wear shoes, flip flops don’t cut it).

This is a great walking beach, not an everyday swimming area, conditions would have to be calm to do that. The advantage to staying here,  no driving to a walkable beach, we would have it every morning and every evening right out our door.

After exploring this area our next stop was Galloway Beach on the Caribbean side, a wow beach, but we never made it out to the house we wanted to look at, why…because after much talking we realized it didn’t have the one thing we needed, internet. Our current rental doesn’t have an oven, but we can make do for a week or so without one.  However if we had to drive into town daily to find a free slow wifi spot would be a pain.  This beach though is beautiful and I do want to return to lounge and lunch here.

After this exploration we were famished and headed into Clarence Town for lunch and were hoping to hit up the Boxing Day Bazaar afterwards.  We lunched at Rowdy Boys Bar and Grill.  We were the only people in the place, the town was very quiet. I had the fresh fish burger and Mike had the conch burger, both were excellent.

We left to find the Church Bazaar that was to be on the Bazaar grounds. We drove by the church, no cars, we drove around to find the Bazaar grounds, but didn’t. Guess this time we should have asked the waitress before we left Rowdy Boys where to find the grounds.  So we didn’t find the Boxing Day Bazaar, oh well.

Our last stop before heading home was to re look at a house on Whelk Cay.  We love that is in Salt Pond (our current location), has a walkable beach that is beautiful, the little cove is swimmable, but….the drive out to it is 8 minutes one lane beach road that has two way traffic.  If we rented here we would stay put most days and not go exploring. Today we didn’t walk the beach, we were tired, but will return again before we leave to walk some morning.

We returned home, wondering if we could handle sunrise views over sunsets, is a walkable beach better than having an everyday swim or snorkel spot, is our seclusion prefered over having a few houses surrounding us, hmmm all things we are debating.

Once back at our cottage, I was going to take a nap while Mike did a float. However that changed with a text telling us a favorite family uncle on Mike’s side passed away. Knowing Uncle Will he would tell me to get in the water, the nap could wait.  So to honor that fun-loving guy I got in the water.  Visibility was better today, but still not stellar clear.

After our land and sea adventures, we cleaned up and I finally took that nap. I woke up in time for sunset and the most spectacular sight, three dolphins swimming by.


After watching nature’s best show of sunset and dolphins we headed in to have a light super of salad with chicken (lunch was that filling) and gingernut cookies for dessert.  It was an early evening, we were worn out from the house hunting.

So did we make a decision return to Baywatch on the Caribbean side or go over to the Atlantic side for next December break? hmmmm I think the dolphins were a sign.

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