Day 35 – The Final Full Day

This was our final full day here, it pains me to type that.  We did a lot, but yet we still have much more to do, to explore to hike, and to eat.  Honestly before we left for this trip, we really thought this would be our last trip here until we retire.  We landed and we knew that thought was a joke, we were just kidding ourselves. We can’t keep ourselves away, so for all those things we didn’t do, I’m not upset, just gives us something to look forward to when we return in two years.

Today we went for a beach walk on Cannon’s. We did try to park at Ke’e first, but at 7:30 a.m. on a Sunday the lot closest to the beach was full.  I think this was our second Sunday we tried and well, no not the time to go.  So to Cannon’s we went.

We came home to  make breakfast and start the packing, laundry and cleaning of the house.

We also made a quick run into Hanalei, I wanted to pick up some cards at a store and get our last bit of poke fix in from The Dolphin.

We were expecting friends to stop in to have their first visit to Tunnels. Kelly and I met teaching, but she moved away and we haven’t seen each other in maybe 9 years, but through the magic of FB we have kept in touch.  They arrived mid afternoon and we took them to the beach, Kelly and her husband snorkeled (yes they had a great time, even swam with a turtle), while Mike and I did our last float.  It was fun for us to watch someone see Tunnels Beach for the first time and go WOW!

After they left it was back to packing, more laundry and having dinner of poke.  We headed down to the beach for our last sunset. Last night the Kauai Gods gave us a green flash, tonight they bestowed on us a beautiful after sunset glow.

Our last full day here, it was full of things we love, beach walks, time with friends, poke, and a beautiful sunset.  We are grateful to have all this.

Tomorrow our long journey home begins.  There will be no blog post tomorrow, maybe on Tuesday when we land and figure out our time zone, I will post one, but maybe not.

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