Day 28 – Parking

That seemed to be the theme of the day, whether the monk seals parked on the beach, “tourists” parked in no parking zones, we parked our behinds at the house or at sunset, it was that kind of Sunday.

The day started with us making dessert, to let the rain showers pass by.  I attempted to make a sapote mousse pie.  It required more work than I originally planned. Let’s hope the tasting of it later is worth the work.


We parked our behinds down for breakfast of papaya boats, while the rain showers continued on and off. We set off for a beach walk, initially we planned to park at Cannons tiny spot, but it was already taken. Next stop was Haena Beach Park, but as we parked the heavens let loose with a torrential downpour. Next…go back to the house park the car, walk to the beach access road and take a long beach walk away from Tunnels Beach.  Good thing we did, we had two monk seal sightings! Even the seals were parking it on a Sunday!

As we walked the street back to the house, we noticed cars parked in no parking areas on either side of the driveway.  There is a reason for the no parking signs, we couldn’t see safely out of our driveway when we tried to leave today.  What is ironic is that they parked in front of no parking signs.  Please if you are a tourist and parking is full at Tunnels Beach, don’t park in the no parking areas for the residents sake, you create a safety concern!

After we arrived home from our walk, we had a lunch of leftovers, then went out and did a few food errands. We stopped at Hanalei Dolphin to pick up poke for dinner and then did a little sightseeing of side streets.  We went down one and noticed a for sale sign. I picked up the brochure for the house. When we got home, I looked up the asking price, yup we found the most expensive house on the island, 38 million bucks and it can be yours!


We parked our behinds at home for the afternoon. We were entertained by geckos and the orchids. We read and napped the afternoon away (well, this is still a vacation for us).

Dinner was simple, poke from The Dolphin and then it was time for sunset and “Cloud TV”. We parked ourselves on the sand to watch the best show of the evening.

Sundays are good days for slowing down and just parking your behind somewhere, but not in a no parking zone though!

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