Day 11 – Catching Glimpses

I felt like today we saw small pieces of our future and flashbacks to old traditions of Hawaii.

Our day started with a quick cup of coffee and some fruit and then we headed out for an early morning beach walk on Hanalei Bay.  For the first time in 27 years I watched my husband return to his competitive swimming roots and actually swim, not float along.  After he emerged from the water, we exchanged that look that said, this is where we want to be in retirement.  We both had the same feeling about our retirement days here.

On our way “home” we stopped at Wainiha Kountry Cafe for a smoothie and frozen banana chai.  I was a little disappointed when she pulled out a costco type bag of frozen fruit.  Both drinks were yummy, but we listed this as one and done.  Sweetest owner though, full of aloha.

Once “home” I whipped up some french toast with bananas and toasted mac nuts.


After breakfast we attended to some  general housekeeping items.  Our nephew took himself down to the beach to read and people watch for a few hours.  Mike and I cleaned, cooked and did laundry.  After the chores were completed, we headed down to the beach for a float.

After our float, Mike and I returned back to grab an early lunch and I had to be online at 1 p.m. pacific time to purchase tickets to a fundraiser back home.  Glimpse of our life back home still peeking through.

After lunch, getting my VIP tickets and a nap, I walked the yard once again to photograph the flowers.

Dinner was easy tonight, leftovers from the 4th of July.  Over dinner we discussed our plans for the next few days and what our nephew wants to see.

The hour of the sunset was upon us.  It was during sunset we watched Hawaiian cowboys break horses in on the beach and other Hawaiians net casting on the reef.  I was transported to a time when this must have been a very common scene on the islands, not seen often enough these days.

I worked on a no bake mango cheesecake pie earlier the day, after sunset it was ready to devour.


Today we had a brief insight into our retirement life and a flashback to old Hawaii.  To the future and the past, may it always contain contentment and peace.

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  1. Hi, I’m enjoying your trip report very much. Have a question also posted on tripadvisor. Your french toast looks so yummy where did you find the Portuguese sweet bread? I’ll be on the island in Oct would like to pick some up. Thank you Linda

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