Day 5 – Observers

Today we watched, we observed.  We tried hard to be the hidden haoles just watching surfers, fisherman, tourists and locals.  We made the plan over french toast sweet bread topped with lilikoi syrup, bananas and toasted mac nuts.


After packing up our gear for the morning, our first stop was to see the Transit of Venus monument in Waimea.  Mike loves to find the offbeat and hidden landmarks, that are not tourists attractions.  He succeeded on this one.

On our last two trips to Kauai, we have noticed locals parked alongside the road in Pakala Village. We would drive by seeing them with surf boards. It was a goal this trip to go figure out how to watch them surf.  Goal accomplished we watched surfers of all ages surf the morning away at Infinities.

We sat for about an hour watching, then headed off to our next destination, Glass Beach.  It was more fun to watch the hunchbacked tourist searching for glass than actually going to find the glass.  It is pretty picked over, lots of tiny pieces still are there.

looking down at Glass Beach

We walked up past the Japanese and Hawaiian cemetery to take the fisherman’s path to Wahiawa Bay (one mile one way).

We arrived to watch some people fishing at the far end.  It is a beautiful trail, but bring water it gets hot!


After this excursion, we went to Warehouse 3540 in Kalaheo to enjoy some food truck lunch and some shopping.  The people watching here was great, especially when the rain shower exploded and people scattered like ants at a picnic. You know the locals because they remained outside, knowing it would soon pass.

Grilled Ahi tuna melt and fried brussels sprouts with garlic, beets and mac nuts.

After a morning in the baking sun, we decided to head home for a bit. I enjoyed a brief nap and Mike spent the time trying to put in a claim for the rental car damage.  It isn’t always exciting for us.

A little after two we headed into Lihue to the farmers market.  We decided to take the alternate route into Lihue to see Casper the Ghost and enjoy the scenic views.

do you see Casper? A local years ago told us about the name.

We enjoy this market because it isn’t a touristy one and has lots of great veggies and fruits at decent prices.  We picked up papayas, mango, more lychees and some greens.  The lychees here were the biggest and sweetest we’ve ever had.


Once we made our purchases, we stopped at Walmart for a few more gifts to send back in someone’s gift box.  I must admit I did have a mini panic attack with all the back to school shoppers.  I teach, but I don’t go back till mid August, I try to remember that school starts August 1st here.

After that we headed into Port Allen to grab some beers to have up North, when we move up there tomorrow.  Our new rental car has the perfect spot to stash beer and keep it cool.


It was dinner time at this point, so home we headed to enjoy, can you guess? Yes Poke for dinner.  Seems our big meal of the day here is breakfast and as the day goes on, the meals get smaller.  As soon as we finished dinner, we headed into Hanapepe for Art night.  What a fun little time and again a great place to watch locals and tourists enjoy good food truck eats, listen to local music and browse the shops. Plus we had our first Ono pop, dragonfruit and chamomile.

Following this we departed for our last sunset viewing at Salt Pond. Tonight being an observer of the sunset was delightful because of the wave action. A cloud obscured the sun setting, but the waves provided us, the observer, with much enjoyment.


I don’t feel like we were active participants today, we hung back watching everyone and everything around us, which suited us just fine.


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  1. These beautiful sunset shots from today and yesterday make me ACHE! Thanks for taking us along!

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