Surfers from Sun Up to Sun Down

Praying to the surfing Gods

Our morning started with a ride to Diamond Head Beach to make sunrise, even though it is only 1.3 miles from the house, we made the decision to late to walk.  The sun was rising and the surfers were catching waves. Great way to start the day.

We needed to run up to the North Shore today to go to Green World Coffee Farms to pick up more coffee and to stop in North Shore Soap Factory.  Our first stays on Oahu have been in the North Shore in Mokule’ia.  There is something about being in the country that brings us pure happiness.  As we descend down into Waialua, our smiles just grow.

I know when most people hear North Shore, it means going to Sunset Beach and the Banzai Pipeline, but we avoid that area with all the people that go to watch the surfers.  Instead we went to some of our favorite beaches on the North Shore;  Mokule’ia Beach Park and Makaleha (256A) or the beach we call “horse beach”.

Mokule’ia Beaches are untamed and wild.


Why do we call the next place “horse beach”? Because the horse’s pasture line the beach access trail.

While here we settled in for a bit to watch the planes from Dillingham Air Field poop out people.

After the viewing we headed into Haleiwa to grab some lunch and see what has changed in two years.  We lunched at Kono’s. We really wanted a VJ’s burger, but the parking was insane, so we headed up the street. We’ve enjoyed Kono’s in the past, but this time it wasn’t as good as we remembered.


Our next stop was home via Honolulu Beerworks.  Needed to grab some beer swag before we headed home.  If you enjoy a good craft beer this is the place to go.  Parking sucks, but the beer is worth it.


We headed home to get a nap in for me before sunset.  Decided to watch the sunset from where we watched sunrise this morning.  Though this time we walked to Diamond Head Beach.  Good thing we did, parking was full with surfer vehicles.  Sunset wasn’t grand but the people watching was.  Watching the surfers bob up and down, looking for that wave was all the entertainment we needed.

The trade winds have died down tonight, the air is still and I wonder are they still surfing at this hour of darkness?

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