A Simple River Stroll – Sam Willey and Saco River Trail

It was a cloudy, drizzly morning, not a day for epic hikes or admiring soaring epic peaks, but a day for a nice meander in the woods by the river.  We decided to stroll along the Sam Willey and Saco River Trail. 


We parked across from the Willey House in Crawford Notch. The clouds had descended and our views of the imposing cliffs were limited. We strolled across the bridge, turned right to head out on the Sam Willey Trail.


As we followed the path, we had a peek out to the river and very limited views.

P1030073 P1030074

A little ways in the trail splits and we went right to admire the limited views. We then caught up with the trail shortly.


We then caught the Saco River Trail at .5 miles. 


We followed along going up and down until we reached the other entrance to the Saco River Trail.  Along the way we encountered some pretty sights of the forest.  

P1030082 P1030097 P1030096 P1030086 P1030084 P1030083 P1030100 P1030098

At .7 miles from the Saco River Trail, we reached the junction of the Webster Cliff Trail.


We trekked until the mosquitoes decided we were a good snack, turning back at the brook that was running at a good speed. 


As the rain came down, we stopped quickly to take a few photos on our way out, admiring how the clouds played with the mountains and cliffs.

P1030109 P1030111 P1030115

Overall we hiked about 3.3 miles, with rain falling, clouds playing hide and seek with the views for about 1.5 hours. 

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  1. Your posts always makes me feel better. Thank you, love ya, Kath

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