Mini Hike Day – June 24, 2014

Sabbaday Falls

Sabbaday Falls

On our last trip to the White Mountains in May, we stopped by the Mountain Wanderer Book Store and picked up Steve’s book Ponds and Lakes of the White Mountains, which inspired today’s mini hikes.  We were looking for a few mini hikes to loosen up our legs after yesterday’s trek to Zeacliff.  Added bonus, a few red lines completed and views with water.

We came over Bear Notch Road and turned east on the Kancamagus Highway.  Our first stop was the Rocky Gorge Scenic Area, the Lovequist Loop.



We went on the paved walkway to the bridge. Before the bridge we had to play on the rocks.


We learned that no swimming is allowed.


The bridge offered nice views of the gorge.



After the bridge, we followed the Lovequist Loop.  We first stopped at the Falls Pond and watched two men fish.

Falls Pond

Falls Pond

The trail was pleasant, a bit rooty, a few small ups and downs, with soft footing underneath.





This was a simple one mile loop that offered a great warm down hike in a lovely forest.

We backtracked on the Kanc. and headed off to Russell-Colbath House for a Rail and River Trail loop hike of .6 miles.  We stopped to read the informational signs, where I loudly proclaimed “Thomas you are an ass” about one of the inhabitants of this house.  Enlarge the photo and see why I made that proclamation.


After that we started on the trail.



This was a very level trail with great informative signs along the way.




We learned a lot from the signs about the logging industry.






We stopped to admire the Swift River, but it was being contrary and nothing Swift was about it.

Swift River

Swift River

We had the added bonus of spying a hawk.



After we completed the short loop we walked around the historic site.  Sadly it was closed and the gardens were unkept.



Our next stop was unplanned, but it was the best stop yet, Sabbaday Falls.  This is part of the Sabbady Brook Trail system, but we just went .3 miles to the falls.  If you are looking at falls to view, this one is stunning, even with the manmade staircases.


The path was wide paralleling Sabbaday Brook and a bit uphill, but worth the effort.




First we came to a little pool,created by the falls, right before the stairs.



After this viewing spot we climbed the stairs.


The views along the stairs were stunning, though trying to get that winning shot was difficult with the railing.







After admiring the falls for a while, we headed out, totally in awe on what a great little spot this was.

Our next stop was Lily Pond, a roadside pond off of the Kanc.



And there were even water lilies starting to bloom.



The views from the pond were simply lovely and a great way to end our mini hike day.



Our mini hiking adventure was fun and certainly a great time for families looking for small hikes.





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  1. Love the waterfall pics! Beautiful!

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