Slide Brook Trail Take 2 – April 18, 2014



We attempted this hike last June (see report), but the swarms of mosquitos turned us back shortly after we hit the Presidential Rail trail.  We thought a nice April hike would be free of those nasty bugs and the snow-capped mountains would be beautiful.  We were correct on both accounts, no bugs and the mountains were majestic.

Anytime I get on the Cohos Trail, I get giddy. Why? I honestly don’t know, maybe it is because it is a lesser known trail, maybe because it is a bit untamed and maybe because …

The trail starts off simply through a meadow.



After the meadow we entered a forested area for a short distance.


After leaving this area we visited the abandoned playground of the beaver.  We carefully stepped across his damn, admiring the views along the way.






Leaving the playground, we entered the woods again.  This time there freshly laid bridges to walk on (thank you).



After this we entered another meadow, right below the Presidential Rail Trail.


After we exited the meadow we turned left on the Rail Trail and made our way to the Marsh, a very beautiful area.

Rail Trail
Thanks for the bench!!





zoomed into Mt. Washington


We turned around at the bench and re traced our steps back to the car.  Unfortunately I don’t have a distance or time log on this hike.  If you are looking for a jaunt with beautiful views, I highly recommend this one, just don’t go in mosquito prime time.



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