Day 4 – The Wild West and the Naughty Beach

Ka'eana Point State Park
Ka’eana Point State Park

As customary for us, we began our day walking a beach.  We stayed on our beach and we were rewarded with spinner dolphins and honus to guide our walk.  On the way back we were lucky to find this treasure:

IMG_2507After arriving back at the house, it was time for a full breakfast of local yogurt, lilikoi and Anahola granola, accompanied by local coffee.  We contemplated  the day’s plan. Yesterday we thought maybe Bishop Museum, but after a slow morning, we decided we weren’t ready for the crowds of downtown.

Last time we visited Oahu, we shied away from the West Side, we heard it was a bit wild and lawless.  We decided this time to go for a drive and visit the wild west.

First stop though was a local neighbor who had fresh mangoes for sale, two dollars a piece.  Fill us up with five please.

fresh mango, yum

Next stop the end of the Farrington Highway, locals know it as “Yokohama” beach.  Great place to check out for a brief stay.

P1040929 P1040931 P1040936After that we visited Kaneana or Makua Cave.  This used to be a sacred place, but over time it has lost that meaning for locals.  The cave is 35 feet high by 20 feet wide at the entrance and has two passages.  We only ventured a little ways in.

Makua Cave
Makua Cave

P1220460 P1220464

After visiting this and paying our respects to the shark goddess, we headed off to our next beach, Kea’au Beach Park.  This had a great limestone shelf that was fun to watch the water splash off of.

P1040950 P1040953 P1220468 IMG_2518

P1040945Next beach, the naughty named one, Ulehawa Beach Park, it translates to “dirty penis” and was perhaps the name of the chief who lived there (poor guy with a name like that).  This was THE spot to watch some surfers and one stand up paddle boarder.  The summers in Hawaii are not known to be surfing months, so to watch a few guys catching waves is a treat.

P1040968 P1040982 P1040977 P1040974 P1040971After this we were hungry and made a bad choice for lunch, all I will say is we accidentally ate at a chain restaurant, didn’t know it till we entered and it was to late to back out. At least the server was pleasant and from New England.

Our ride home had an unexpected stop.  We were driving along when we spotted a sign for Green World Farms, a coffee roaster.  We had to stop and what find, it just opened in February and it is amazing.

IMG_2522 IMG_2524We picked up a bag of coffee, a mug and local lychee jam.  Of course,  what do webneed to go with the jam? Local croissants, so off we went to Paalaa Kai Bakery.

Finally we arrived home, took a dip in the ocean and then Mike prepped dinner.  Mango salsa for our chicken quesadillas .

P1220493 P1220498Dinner was fabulous and made up for a not so tasty lunch.  After dinner it was time to do the mundane things, dishes, laundry, etc.  Yes, even in paradise those things must be completed.

Finally time for the evening entertainment, sunset.


So it was our kind of day.  We traveled to the wild west on the island,  spent a lot of time at the dirty penis, watching the surfers, found an awesome coffee place and had an amazing dinner…yup we found our rhythm.

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