Middle Sugarloaf – June 1st

trailhead sign
trailhead sign

The universe hasn’t liked us this week, so we knew to keep this a simple hike, in case more trouble was ahead for us. We agreed to much couldn’t go wrong if we did the Sugarloafs, which in the end turned into only one Sugarloaf.  So yeah the universe is still messing with us.

We knew we needed an early start, it is HOT here in the White Mountains this weekend, crazy hot.  Just coming off of winter and spring hiking our bodies are not accustomed to hiking in 80 degree weather.  We’ve hiked this two years ago on National Trails Day.  It is a pleasant, easy trail with splendid views.

We parked at a spot off of Zealand Road, crossed the bridge and entered the trail, following the Zealand River.

Zealand River
Zealand River

The trail meets up with the Trestle Trail (however a sign states the bridge is out) and you turn left.

Sun shining on the river
Sun shining on the river

Along  the path has the last remains of spring flowers are popping up.

Painted Trillum
Lady Slipper
Lady Slipper

Over a boggy area you have a little assistance.

Little help
Little help

After this you pass some boulders that are GIGANTIC in size.

just a little rock or two
just a little rock or two

The ascents were never strenuous or dangerous.  A man-made rock stair way always helps.


At point .9 miles  the decision to go right or left, awaits the hiker.  We decided on left first to Middle Sugarloaf.  It is a mere .4 miles to the top of the huge expanse. Once again humans have lent a helping hand and placed a ladder to assist hikers.


After this climb, you pop out to a huge open summit that has expansive views of  the Presidentals, Zealand and Ammonoosuc valleys and so many peaks I have no idea (my app, the Peakfinder was acting up – see universe at work again).

P1010891 P1010903 P1010901 P1220036 P1010895 P1010892

Because it was so warm, being overtired and way overstressed we decided Middle Sugarloaf was good enough for today.  Poor Mike was really feeling it.  We didn’t want to bring heat stroke or dehydrations issues on us, because we didn’t want to tempt the universe.



This hike did help us to de stress a bit, so thankful for that.  Maybe tomorrow will see us put more miles on our boots and deal with our lives a bit better, once we leave the mountains.

The Details:  a little under 3 miles, about two hours with an elevation gain of 1000 feet.  This is an easy climb and well worth the views.



2 thoughts on “Middle Sugarloaf – June 1st

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  1. Middle Sugarloaf (as well as North Surgarloaf) is a terrific destination, and provides a “big bang for the buck”! Considering the heat wave we’re having, plus your other circumstances, this hike sounds like it was a perfect fit!

    Although I enjoyed viewing all your photos, I especially liked the one of the Lady Slipper which is splendid! For whatever reason, I have difficulty getting a good photo of that particular wildflower.


    1. John, thank you for the compliments. Lady slippers have always been one of my favorite wildflowers. What a week, hard drive crash, being moved to another school to teach and then the fuel pump went in the car on our way north…we needed to get hiking!!

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