Mt. Willard – Sept. 22, 2012 An Ending to Remember

We had decided on a small hike.  Mike was recovering from dental surgery and we needed something simple.   We thought a return visit to Mt. Willard would be the best fit.  We had first hiked Mt. Willard in May of 2011, where we slid on the monorail up to the viewpoint and glided back down it.  Today, no snow just fog.

Fog at the summit rolling all over

This is 3.2 miles out and back, an easy trail to follow steadily going up. First you have two shallow brook crossings to wade through. Well, shallow this year.

Easier to walk through than trying to rock hop

After the crossings you just meander along the trail.

After a short distance, off to the side,  the sounds of the Centennial  Pool lures you over to admire its beauty or take a refreshing dip.

Centennial Pool

After admiring the pool, we turned away from it and continued on the trail, an easy grade,  up to the overlook.

A bit of fog rolling on the trail

As you near the end you see the outlook open up before you.

Where’s the view?

This is what you would see, if there was no fog…

May 2011

We walked around the summit, watching the swirling fog dance around up top.

We sat down for a bit, when I passed out.  Yup that is right, I passed out.  After I came to, we had to hike out and rather fast.  I was not calling rescue, I knew my heart arrhythmia had kicked in. Half way down, I stopped short and realized I had sucked down three cups of caffeine filled coffee that morning, which is a trigger for me.  I just wasn’t thinking and coupled with little sleep, due to stress…boom..let the heart race.

After getting in the car, we skipped our post-hike ice cream treat and headed straight to Littleton ER.  I would just like to thank the wonderful staff there for making my short two hour stay enjoyable.  I had the best turkey club sandwich with sweet potato fries for lunch there, after all I was rather hungry after the hike!!

The Details: Parked at the train station by Highland Center.  Easy 3.2 miles out and back.  45 minutes to the top and the way down was a blur, so I can’t give a time.  This was a wet trail with mud in spots.  When the skies are clear this is a wonderful hike.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! Loved the “fog swirling in a dance” imagery. Regarding the passing out bit, I may be repeating myself, but: Don’t do that again. But the sandwich sounds delish!

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