Day 13 – Rainbows, Fishing, and Food Disappoinment

As a typical morning unfolds here on the North Shore, a rain shower splashes in and then poof a magical rainbow appears.

Saturday Rainbow

and it being a typical Saturday for us, we hit the farmer’s market in Hanalei for a few goodies.

After dropping the groceries off, we hit the road once again to do some more touristy sight-seeing.  Our first stop was Nukoli’i Beach on the East side.  After traveling down a very rutted road, the beach greeted us, along with some local kids in camo looking like they were ready to go hunting.

Nukoli'i Beach
watching waves

After a bit of wave watching, we headed out to our next stop, Ahukini Landing, past the airport.  This used to the be the main shipping dock for the pineapple trade, but nowadays it is a local’s fishing spot.

pineapple dock

While we were just hanging out a family asked Mike if he wanted to learn to fish.  He hesitated at first, but gave in to the father and son.  It was a great experience for all.

Tyrus Jr. & Sr. talking with Mike
Mike Casts

It is experiences like this that make a vacation very special.  We felt true aloha from the family.  The family recommended we stop at the Menehune Fish Pond overlook.  As we had such an enjoyable time we took them up on their recommendation.

This pond was built over 1,000 years ago by the Menehune people.  Amazing story of how they used several thousand workers to build a stone wall to create the pond.  Supposedly the stones were passed hand to hand from 25 miles away.  Now the stone walls aren’t viewable because vegetation has grown over it/on it.

info about pond
Menehune Fish pond

After the viewing, we headed into Poipu to find out where to pick up my number for Sunday’s 5k race.  We were hungry, so we thought we would try Monster Taco Truck. Dumb us, should have gone back to Da Crack.  Monster Taco was a monster rip off in our book.  The fish was from the store (another guy had just brought the fish to the truck in a store bag) and once we had our taco, it was not monster sized.  The only redeeming quality it had was it was spicy hot.  We both felt it wasn’t worthy of a picture.

We ate this across from Poipu Beach Park, then we found the man to claim my running number and Mike signed up to do the race as well.  Though he is just coming along to document I am actually doing this.

On our way home we stopped at Hanalei Surf and I signed up for SUP lessons for next Friday.

At home we made a modified eggplant parmesan for dinner, didn’t bread the eggplant, just grilled them.  It helped fill the empty void in my stomach that Monster Taco Truck failed to fill earlier.

Tonight Tunnels Beach had a few more people on it to watch the sunset than last night.  Quiet and peaceful night for viewing the sunset.


Early night for us, as we have to be up early to get on the road to Poipu.  My first ever 5k race starts at 7:30 a.m. and it is an hour and 40 minute drive.  After the race we are going out to breakfast (which we never do) and then hitting Polihale Beach.  Should be a another fun-filled day.


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