Day 4

We had our daily wake up call today by Reginald the Rooster and a few other birds.

Reginald the rooster

We drove to the east side of the island to hike the Sleeping Giant, Nou’Nou. Our hiking friend Eric ( recommended we take the longer route up, instead of the two shorter ones.  He knew we would love the trail through the forest.  Eric’s advice was much appreciated and spot on for us.

Nou'Nou Profile from Lydgate Park

The trail went through a thick forest full of mud and parts that weren’t so muddy.

Trail at Sleeping Giant
more trail

We entered an area of Captain Cook pines before we begin our ascent via switchbacks.

Sleeping Giant Capt. Cook Pines

We begin our ascent and were pleasantly surprised to be surrounded by strawberry guavas.  So yummy.

Strawberry Guava

We made it to the second picnic area that had two lookout points before continuing on.

I enjoy the view
second view at 2nd picnic area

Then we continued on, for me it was a bit scary, short legs don’t always make climbs easy. Going up is ok, but coming down…

I climb up
Mike goes higher
I sit while mike continues on

Mike continues up the trail, while I sit and take it all in.  Some are the views are:

Profile of Kong

We ambled down the trail after enjoying views.  At the last part we met a horse. We asked him if he would nudge us some fresh fallen lilikoi, but he just stared at us.

Mr. Horse

Mike captured pictures of two beautiful flowers along the trail:


It was a great hike, 5 miles, elevation gain of 1500 feet, a total of 3 hours, but about 30 minutes of it was resting and taking pictures.

After the hike, we drove to Lydgate Park to use the showers to wash all the mud off of us.  We were pretty hungry by this time, so we arrived at Jailhouse Pub and Grill. It is right across from the local jail and sits on a golf course.  We had a great lunch of a Kauai beef burger and a Ruben.  Mike said it was the best Ruben he ever had.  The best part it was a good price.

After that our day became mundane for the afternoon, run to Costco, Foodland, home to shower, do laundry and cook dinner.  Yup even in paradise you have to do the ordinary things.

We strolled to Tunnels Beach for our nightly sunset viewing. Hardly anyone was on the beach, which was fine by us.

Where is everyone? Rain chased them away

The sun was obscured by clouds as it sank, but still it was a grand sight.

Sunset at Tunnels

My face cheeks hurt tonight from all the smiling I did today.  That is a good day!!

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