Day 2

Our day started with a hike on the first two miles of the famous Kalalau Trail (four miles round trip).  It was a glorious sunny morning, perfect day to hit the trail.  I attempted this trail last year, but for some reason I lost all self confidence and turned around at the 1 mile marker, refusing to continue.  Today that didn’t happen.

The trail starts with a nice uphill.  Thankful for hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mtns. this was easy.

see I made it past the one mile marker
Stunning views down the Napali Coast

We had a fun water crossing. It was easier to just go in, wade through it, shoes and socks still on.

Mike wades over

Once on the beach, I kept singing “I made it, I made it.”

I made it to Hanakapi'ai Beach

The trail was muddy, but not the typical mud you expect, it was like walking on ice.  For us it was fun, but for other trail trekkers, they were not enjoying it.

What most of the trail was like MUD

Once we were off the trail it was time to wash off all the mud at Ke’e Beach.

My muddy leg
Time to get clean

After a brief swim, we headed back, showered and had lunch.  During lunch I discovered that I love to eat Poke.  I’ve been avoiding it for the last year, silly me.  We headed out to fill up the propane tank and stop at Hanalei Dolphin to pick up more poke, because Mike has to share now and some Ono for dinner.

Ann eats Poke now

We returned back to the house, dropped things off and then made our Tuesday pilgrimage  to Waipa Farmer’s market in Hanalei.  We love this little market because of what it represents, teaching the Hawaiian children about their culture and supporting the Hawaiian people.

We love the spectacle of people waiting for the 2 o’clock opening. They rush in once the imaginary rope is dropped.

2 p.m. opening at Waipa

I was happy to see the Right Slice Pie lady there. I’ve been reading about her wonderful pies, so I went to her first, while Mike was on a fruit buying spree (papaya, lilikoi, mountain apples, pineapple and bananas).  So I picked up two slices, mango papaya and a mac nut one. More on this later….

After the market, we decided beach time was in order so we set off for Tunnels.  It was a bit choppy with flag warnings out, so I wasn’t going in to do a float swim, but Mike,  being a swimmer easily swam in the ocean.  Our view while laying out was beautiful.

View from my mat at Tunnels

Then we packed up and went back to make dinner with the ono fish.  We had the best salad ever of fresh fish and fresh greens.

Ono fish on a bed of greens

Dessert was a slice of mango lilikoi pie.  I’m not a pie eater, but this was out of this world.  The flavors were plentiful and the crust fluffy and not tough.

The best pie

And then we ended our evening with a sunset view from Haena Point, or I renamed it Sarah’s shelling beach for my niece.

Sunset at Haena Point

The past two days have been busy, tomorrow just a morning workout and a lazy day on the beach.  But having an island mindset it could change….

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