Missing Kauai – Okolehao Trail

It’s a cold dreary April day here in Connecticut.  I find myself longing for the beauty and warmth of Kauai.  In order to cheer myself up, I thought I would post a trail report about the Okolehao hike in Hanalei, we did this past July.

To find the trail head from Princeville, immediately after you cross the Hanalei bridge, turn left on the dirt road (Ohiki road – maybe no sign?), follow road a bit, about 1/2 mile… on left hand side there is a little parking area and the trail is right across from it.

The trail is a bit steep at the beginning of the hike, but not dangerous or scary. I huffed my way up. This first section the path is wide, a rutted road.

Along the way numerous orchids graced the sides of the hills.

At the .75 mile mark, the road becomes a trail. The first views start to emerge by the power lines.

You start to see Hanalei and Princeville through the trees and bush.  After this the trail levels out a bit with a few inclines and hiking through the forest on the ridge.

Tourist pineapple

After the walk through the forest, we were rewarded with the prize of panoramic views of Hanalei and Princeville.  I planted myself on the Aloha bench and soaked in the beauty that surrounded me.

Mike continued up the trail  a bit.  We heard rumors of a higher point, that required a rope to use to get up to, but he never found it.

We had a beautiful day to hike this short trail. If you desire a hike that has amazing views on the North Shore, this is the one to do.  We will be back to hike this again.

The Details:  A little over 4 miles out and back.  Has an incline of 1200 feet.  Good workout hike.

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